Review: The King's Speech

Movie: The King's Speech
Release Date: December 24, 2010
Actors: Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush
Genre: Bio-Pic
Rating: R
4/5 Robots: It's Colin Firth

I am a very huge fan of the Oscars and Awards seasons, so as the Academy Awards approach I have been going to see more and more of the nominated films. Tonight I saw The King's Speech, and I was pleasantly surprised. The film is about King George VI and his rise from stammering Prince to eloquent King, aided by a very peculiar man.

Movie Review:
Overall the Movie was quite satisfactory. It was a talkey movie more than anything, dealing with the characterizations of two men. I felt that it is a must see movie of the year, but with that said...I'm not quite sure I would see it again. Yes, the performances given (especially by Colin Firth) were Oscar worthy, but the overall movie did have some slow moments. For me, it wasn't a laugh out loud funny film, but the crowd seemed keen on the humor. Maybe I ate something bad, maybe some gnomes stole my funny bone, or maybe I just didn't think it that laughable. Whatever  the cause, the audience definitely was taking something that I wasn't on. When I left the theater  I knew that Colin Firth had stolen the show. I was convinced from the moment he opened his mouth that he was King George VI. And more than that, every time he tried to utter a word I felt his nerves, torment, and embarrassment cascading throughout my own body. His performance is a valid reason to go and see the movie. There are some slower parts to the film, and for this reason I wouldn't probably ever see it again. Overall, The King's Speech deserves a solid 4 robots on my scale, and by the clapping from the audience when the credits rolled, I would safely assume they too would rank it as such.

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