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Hello aliens, cowboys, monsters, and humans!

My name is Krista and I have devoted my semi-awesome life to attempting at understanding the world we live in. While the journey has been littered with nonsense and the occasional gnome searching, I have found that film and books are the true route to a good healthy cupcake and sunshined filled life. While my tastes in both are subjective, I do love watching all different kinds of films. However, recreational readings seems to be a bit harder because of my pygmy sized attention span and the diabolical force to read books that I hate in college. So I am much more of a connoisseur in film and music than books, but I do enjoy YA novels of all sorts when I have free time. I hope you all (meaning the followers who have somehow landed on this blog in an attempt to search for bigger names written in big glass light bulbs that have the inability to burst...and yet decided that my name written in mechanical pencil is worth their time) ENJOY THE BLOG!

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