Takers - Why did Steven King rate this so well?!

Movie: Takers
Release Date: August 27, 2010
Actors: Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen 
Genre: Action
Rating: PG-13
0/5 Robots: WTF?!

While this isn't so much of a review, as an opinionated WTF moment! There are few movies I can't finish. Even though I may have been doing Physics homework while I was watching Takers. It does not excuse the melodramatic violin scene where Hayden Christianson dies. It was so awful I watched as cheese seeped out of the television screen. I may have been in the room during the entire movie, but I mentally checked out after halfway through. It was a disaster, which brings me to my next point. Is Steven King high? Recently on EW he claimed Takers was one of his favorite movies of the year. Again - WTF?! This movie doesn't even deserve to be pirated by using the precious bandwith (and when you're in college this is a very true statement). Steven King is not an unreliable source, but when it comes to film...I'm now having to question is taste. Still, this is the man that allowed us to have Stand By Me, which is one of the best films...ever...period. And for my last point - I recently bought a book (Infinite Jest) that Steven King rated his favorite book of the year. Please don't disappoint me again Mr. King. I may just have to cry.

Takers = 0 robots (and this is generous. If i could I would give it negative robots, but physics tells me this wouldn't be possible)