The Hunger Games Soundtrack List


The Hunger Games movie has released the soundtrack list. So far it looks pretty awesome! Here it is:

1. Arcade Fire "Abraham's Daughter"
2. The Secret Sisters "Tomorrow Will Be Kinder"
3. Neko Case "Nothing to Remember"
5.  Kid Cudi "The Ruler and The Killer"
6.  Punch Brothers "Dark Days"
7.  The Decemberists "One Engine"
8.  The Carolina Chocolate Drops "Daughter’s Lament"
9.  The Civil Wars "Kingdom Come"
10.  Glen Hansard "Take The Heartland"
11.  Maroon 5 ft. Rozzi Crane "Come Away To The Water"
12.  Miranda Lambert "Run Daddy Run ft. Pistol Annies"
13.  Jayme Dee "Rules"
14.  Taylor Swift "Eyes Open"
15.  The Low Anthem "Lover Is Childlike"
16.  Birdy "Just A Game"

There is a very diverse group of artists on this list, but I can't help but love them all! Arcade Fire is my all time favorite band, and I have been lucky enough to see them live. Neko Case is equally amazing. I really can't wait until March to see this movie. I will be there at midnight without a doubt! 

Bonus: The soundtrack isn't out yet, but here's a taste of some of my favorite artists on it. 

Neko Case "I'm An Animal"

Arcade Fire "The Suburbs"

Birdy "Skinny Love" (Cover)

What do you think about the soundtrack list? Any artists your particularly excited about? What about that album artwork? And finally - how effing excited are you for this movie?! I know I am!!


  1. Oh my gosh, this soundtrack is so perfect! So many of those songs gave me the chills, which is exactly how the Hunger Games movie should sound. Especially Taylor Swift's song (which is incredibly beautiful!) and so many of the others... Just WOW! I don't think they could've made a better soundtrack! :)

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Krista! I didn't think it was possible to be more excited for this movie, but now I am! ;) <3