Video Vault: Hunger Games Parody + Lana Del Rey

With the rabid fan base of The Hunger Games, it's only natural that many parodies will be coming out to spoof the awesome books. Some are obviously going to be stupid, but there are those that will make you laugh despite your affection for the series. I came across this video of Holly Laurent singing about The Hunger Games to Lana Del Rey's "Video Games." I love Lana Del Rey's song, but Holly Laurent makes it hilarious! 

What did you think? Pretty funny or tasteless? You decide, comment below!!


  1. HAHA Hilarious! I literlly laughed out loud when she said "I don't want Peeta to be dead, a Pita is a patch of bread but that's his name." Thanks for posting!

  2. That's fantastic haha
    "This district smells like rat piss. My name is Katniss."
    So poetic

  3. This was definitely hilarious! "Watching all these tributes fall, teens should be at the mall"