Awesome Tumblr Photo Friday

So I have become increasingly obsessed with tumblr (which may explain the gif explosion in my recent post). It's not a very good obsession if you have a problem with procrastination. But I've been pretty entertained to say the least. So my tumblr sucks (I have no followers) but I think the majority of that has to due with the fact that I don't post on tumblr. My procrastination time actually doesn't allow for that. But I wanted to find a way to share my favorite tumblr find without re-blogging it on tumblr to absolutely no one. And hey, look at that - I actually have followers on this blog! So while I do post mostly about books, movies, and TV I'm also going to throw in a tumblr photo on Fridays. What tumblr photo? Well, I will choose my favorite of the week...or if you have found one that you're dying to share (and possibly have 0 followers on tumblr like myself) send the link/photo to my email and I may choose it for the Awesome Tumblr Photo!!

Right, well that was a really long explanation just to say that I'm going to post my favorite tumblr photo of the week. So, here's the first of many:

I thought I'd choose a Dead Poets Society pic for the first Photo Friday. My blog is partially named for my love of the film. If you've never seen it, I would highly recommend it. I watched it in the eighth grade and it changed my view on film and even life. I started realizing that movies can make you think, not just entertain, and from that point on I looked at everything, culture, music...and I never looked back.

Have you seen the movie? Do you like the photo? You can be honest, I'm not a tumblr expert, but I hope to find some truly awesome photos by doing this each week!


  1. "Dammit, Neil, the name is Nawanda!"

    We totally changed that spelling to our benefit. I think it's like Nuhwanda or something weird like that.

    1. It's spelled Nuwanda, but that looks so unattractive for some reason. And I think Dead Poets Society would admire taking my own spin on it :)