Cassandra Clare: New Series "The Dark Artifices"

Cassandra Clare is the author of two popular young adult series The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. In 2015, a third series about Shadowhunters will hit stores. It will be titled The Dark Artifices and take place five years after TMI. Set in Los Angeles, the series will follow Emma Carstairs, a Shadowhunter, and her partner Julian Blackthorn. Emma has complicated feelings for Julian, but she must put them aside to investigate a demonic plot that reaches from the Sunset Strip all the way to the enchanted sea in Santa Monica. 

Hollywood Crush met up with Cassandra Clare for an awesome interview: 

Hollywood Crush: How will the events of "The Dark Artifices" mesh with the world of "The Mortal Instruments"?
Cassandra Clare: I realized that as long as I was writing "The Mortal Instruments" I would be stuck in 2007, 2008, because anything beyond that and the main characters age out of teenagerhood, which is the life period the books are about. But I wanted to push forward into the current day, so "The Dark Artifices" takes place in 2012. Five years after the events of "The Mortal Instruments." That would make the characters of "TMI"—Clary, Jace, Simon—22, 23 years old (well, the ones who survive, anyway!). We'll be able to check in with them and see who's still together and who broke up, who's married, who has what job, what they're like as adults.
What's the inspiration for the series title?
The inspiration for the title! Okay, this is so dorky. The main family, the Blackthorns, of "The Dark Artifices," have a father who is a classicist. He is obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology and history. So "The Dark Artifices" comes from "The Annals of Imperial Rome" by Tacitus. "It would have been less ignominious to die by the dark artifices of Tiberius or the fury of Caligula." I just liked the phrase. And all the kids in the family have Greek or Roman names—Helen, Julian, Marcus, Olivia and even Tiberius. (Poor Tiberius.) As for the individual books, the working title for the first book is "Lady Midnight."
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I think the biggest question is if another Shadowhunter series is really needed. Is it getting old? Or do you think there is never enough of the Shadowhunter world?

In my opinion, I would have preferred Cassandra Clare to maybe write something in the viewpoint of one of the other worldly creatures instead of the Shadowhunters. But I haven't read The Infernal Devices yet, and I know that is supposed to be an epic series.

So are you ready for The Dark Artifices, or are you already bored of Shadowhunters? Thoughts below!


  1. Well, I read the first TMI and I own the second, but I haven't read it. It's just been sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust. I think I got so upset about Clary and Jace being siblings that I had to just stop and move on.

    I've also got no idea if I'd even be interested in The Infernal Devices. Is it a spin off of TMI? I feel like I can't even research this question without having one of the plots of one of the books ruined, so I just never bothered.

    From what I remember, I quite enjoyed her story telling and writing style, but it would be interesting to see what else she could focus her talents on.

    I always get really excited when I learn that an author I like writes under a different name for a different genre, so that they get a fresh start to see if they can "make it" without their name backing their new work. Sophie Kinsella who writes the Shopoholic series (and stand alone novels) is actually her pen name, but she also published novels under her real name, Madeleine Wickham (which I happened to enjoy just as much as the Shopoholic series and her other stand alone novels).

    I guess Kinsella/Wickham was a bad example because all the novels are pretty much chick lit, but if Clare decided to write horror, dystopian or contemporary novels with a pen name, I wouldn't object. I also wouldn't know! haha.

    1. I've only read City of Bones as well. I actually have the rest of the series on my shelf. I was disappointed with the conclusion too, but I was also prepared since someone told me about it beforehand. I heard they are supposed to get better though!

      The Infernal Devices is a prequel to TMI and involves Shadowhunters too, but that is really as much as I know about it. Like you, I avoided any actual lengthy summaries because I didn't want to ruin it. I have heard that the characters are really good in Infernal Devices!

      That's pretty interesting about authors writing under pennames to get a fresh start. I've never actually heard of anyone doing it before (until now!!) It would be really interesting to see if Clare did it. I think that she's a great writer, but I'm leaning towards wanting to see something different. That being said, I do need to read her other novels first, lol :) They're just so daunting because they are soooo long!!

      Thanks for the awesome comments, Sallie!!

    2. I actually googled Clare right after I commented, and saw that there is going to be a total of 6 TMI's by 2013, so I think I might just wait until they're all out. Because, like you said, you heard they're supposed to get better, and if so, I'd rather just have them all out and available before I dive back in.

      There's nothing that bugs me more than reading an older book, more than 2-3 years old, and finding out after the end that the sequel still hasn't been published...

      It's also surprising how much Clare has been able to produce in the last 5 years. By 2015, the first Dark Artificies book will be her 10th book. In 8 years. HOLY COW.

    3. Good idea! I'll probably do the same thing and start reading them again after the sixth one comes out! I do want to start Infernal Devices before though because I heard it was better than TMI.

      WOW! I cannot believe she has written that many books! She must be writing all the time! That's pretty impressive.

  2. I'm soooo happy to hear this !! I love TMI so hearing about this pretty much made my day :) !!