Fall 2012 TV: American Horror Story (Season 2)

If you've watched the first season of American Horror Story, then you know how amazing it truly is! And if you haven't, then I would suggest to go watch the first season immediately. Yes, it's that good. The second season will involve a whole new story line, so if you don't feel like sitting through thirteen hours of the first one then you can just start up the second one in the fall without missing a beat. What does this mean for the cast? Executive producer, Ryan Murphy, explained that some of the cast will be coming back for the second season. However, they will be playing all new characters. Interesting, right? 

The actors that will be returning for season 2 are:

I'm thrilled that Evan Peters and Jessica Lange are returning for the next season. They were by far the best part of the show. Zachary Quinto and Lily Rabe were also equally amazing. I cannot wait for the Fall!!

Since the first season of American Horror Story  has ended and we will never be able to see the rest of the Violet/Tate story. I'll leave this post with a pretty awesome fan-shopped picture. 

Yeah, that's reason enough to watch the show! 

So what do you think? Have you seen the first season? Are you going to watch the second? And, how awesome is Jessica Lange - come on, she's faboulous! 

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  1. Oh man, I was obsessed with this show! I can't wait until next season starts and I'm also quite excited to hear that Jessica Lange and Evan Peters will be back for season 2! Thanks for the update!