Skins: The End of a Generation

In recent news one of my favorite shows has scheduled its cancellation. Skins (the UK version) will be ending with series 7 in 2013. Yes, it is the end of a generation...specifically my generation. This isn't the first door that has closed recently. Harry Potter was the first heartbreak I encountered. I literally grew up with the boy wizard, starting the books at eleven years old and ending them at twenty years old. So to say goodbye to yet something else is very hard. In honor of the end of a generation, I've composed my favorites of Skins. 

This is a show that really takes weird and crazy to a whole new level. But even though the situations are crazy, the emotions and the stuff these kids are dealing with are real. This is a show that is polarizing and has brought characters that will remain iconic in television history. Even the actors, who all start out relatively unknown, are gaining popularity such as Nicholas Holt, Kaya Scodelario, and Jack O'Connell. It will be sad to say goodbye in 2013, but it's a task that must be done. 

Favorite Series
Series 1

There's nothing like the first season of a television show. Watching these characters for the first time was like finding something special that no one else knew about. While the other seasons are just as great, the characters of series 1 and 2 are all around the best!

Favorite Character
James Cook

Probably the most polarizing character, James Cook is undoubtedly not the type of guy you want to fall in love with. He's the bad boy, but he's also the guy you can't stop watching on screen. And he's ultimately my favorite character of any of the series.  

Favorite Couple
Rich and Grace
They're the definition of the term "when opposites" attract. He was the rocker and she was the ballerina. Probably the cutest couple in TV history with an equally heartbreaking conclusion. Sometimes the sad endings are the ones that stick with you. 

Favorite Bromance
Tony and Sid

Tony was the character without a heart. He did things just to screw with his friends, and yet we still loved him.  In the end there are only two people Tony will ever love: Sid and his sister. Which is why the bromance is one of the very best. 

Honorable Mention
The girl who was in the most series of any character. She said very little in the first two series but still conveyed her heartache. Her story line was a turbulent one, but it was one that was meant to be told. 

That's it...closure time. I will now accept that Skins is going to end. No more yelling and screaming...or crying. We must move on. It's another reminder that I'm becoming an adult and that this is truly an end of a generation. But it's okay. We'll meet again...when the DVD's come out :)

Have you seen the show? What are some of your favorites from it? If you haven't, does it look enticing? Thoughts below!


  1. I will miss Skins too. :/ But I gotta say, the third generations is really mediocre. The only character that does stand out is Franky. Dakota Blue does her job well.

    I wonder what their plan is for series 7.

    Oh and if you're looking for a similar show, give SLiDE a try. :)

  2. Yeah, I have to agree, the third generation is just okay. I will definitely go look up SLiDE! Thanks for the suggestion!!