Books into Movies: Beautiful Creatures (Casting Change-Up!!)

It seems like this week has had some really buzz worthy books-into-movies news! Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl is being adapted into a movie! Casting is currently underway and the movie is set to be released February 1st 2013. The male lead had gone to Jack O'Connell (Skins) but in recent news he had to leave the role because of scheduling conflicts. 
Image Credit:  quicheisinsane

Who's the new Ethan?
Alden Ehrenreich

Image Credit: American Zoetrope

 I'm pretty upset by this news because I am a big Jack O'Connell fan. But I think I'll get over it since the rest of the cast is so good. The above picture of Alden Ehrenreich (it's very hard for me to keep typing that name - another reason I'm peeved) is pretty awesome. Although, he doesn't look much like a teenager to me (he's 23) so we'll see how they make him look younger to play Ethan!

What are your thoughts on the switch up? Upset to see Jack O'Connell go? Have you seen any movies with Alden Ehrenreich? The only thing I've seen is his appearance on Supernatural in the first season. Surprisingly (but not suprisingly) I have watched the episode numerous times so I recognized him. I liked him in it. Excited for the movie? Thoughts below!!


  1. So sad! I love Jack O'Connell :( Too bad, and I'm going to go hunt out which movie was better than Beautiful Creatures that he bumped BC off his schedule. What can trump a beautiful YA adaptation? I know, I know, X-Men. Duh :)

  2. Awww i would've loved for Jack O'Connell to be in this, he was great in Skins!