Books into Movies: Catching Fire (Director)

Catching Fire, the amazing sequel in the Hunger Games trilogy has been searching for a new director. Gary Ross, the director of the first Hunger Games movie, had to bow out of the sequel due to scheduling conflicts. The choice came down to two wonderful directors - Bennett Miller (Moneyball) and Francis Lawrence (I am Legend, Water for Elephants). 

Who took home the title?

Image Credit: Martin Hentschel

Catching Fire  is already set to release Nov. 22, 2013! 

What do you think of the choice for director? I love his other movies so hopefully he'll be as good as Gary Ross was! But he's got some big shoes to fill :)

Have you see any of his movies? Are you sad to see Gary Ross go? Thoughts below!


  1. I am sad to see Gary Ross go, but I don't think what he did with The Hunger Games couldn't have been done by someone else. I am happy with their choice to go with Francis Lawrence. I loved his other films, Water for Elephants was beautiful and I Am Legend was so emotional! I'm excited to see what he'll come up with for Catching Fire. Thanks for the update!

  2. November 2013!!! That's forever away!

  3. I heard that Gary Ross bowed out because they were asking to film and do pre-production in about six months (which is crazy) because of Lawrence's schedule for X-Men. I believe for THG, Ross had about 12 months for just pre-production. And he felt that he couldn't make the film that he wanted to in the short amount of time. Not sure where I read this...maybe Hypable if you want to check it out.

    Also, I like the choice in director. It's kind of unexpected.

  4. Yeah that's a great news :) !! I love both I Am Legend and Water for Elephants .. I'm only hoping Catching Fire will be as amazing as Hunger Games :) !!