Video Vault: Kiera Cass talks The Selection (Fall 2012 TV)

So if you don't know already, The Selection by Kiera Cass is being made into a TV pilot on the CW! The book is also being officially released in just three days! So to prepare for all that awesomeness I'm going to share a video from Kiera Cass' youtube channel (which is pretty amazing). She shares her thoughts about her book being turned into a pilot! Check it out below!

So I was already pretty pumped to read this book, but now I'm super excited! I love this author!!! Seriously, she is two hundred different kinds of awesome!

What did you think? Will you be reading the book or watching the show? Or both? Thoughts below!


  1. I have been following Kiera since she made videos about Twilight I can't wait to read The Selection!

  2. So I had my reservations about The Selection (due to Twitter/agent/bad behavior/rants) and this video completely made me fall in love with Kiera Cass. She's awesome! For me, that scandal is no more after this.

    I'll definitely have to read her book now. Thanks for posting, Krista :)

  3. OMG she's so funny, that makes me ven more excited to read The Selection =) !! I'll definitely both read the book and watch the TV-show and I'm really hoping that we'll get more than a pilot episode !! Great post Krista :)

  4. Just finished reading The Selection last week. It was so AMAZINGLY AWESOME! I'm incredibly stoked for this pilot and I really hope it does get picked up!