Books into Movies: On the Road (Cannes Reviews - Kristen Stewart is Scandalous)

Jack Kerouac's most famous book On the Road has finally been adapted to film. This past week it was screened at Cannes Film Festival. So far as I can tell the reviews have been great. But my biggest concern for the film was Kristen Stewart. After reading the reviews I was very shocked at what I found. 

Kristen Stewart is topless for most of the movie, and the sexual content in On the Road may very well earn it an NC-17 rating. I have never read the book, so I didn't know there were graphic scenes. I'm surprised that there is so much nudity and sex in the movie, but I'll still go see it. Just not with my parents. 

"They have a lot of sex, too, some of it pretty exposed (hello, NC-17!): On a car ride to nowhere, Sal (Sam Riley), the Kerouac character, who is eager but recessive — a boy-man taking careful stock of everything he drinks in — gets naked in the front seat along with Dean (Garret Hedlund), the Neal Cassady life-force stud narcissist, and Marylou (Kristen Stewart), Dean’s naively game young ex-wife, who is seated, also naked, between the two men as she pleasures each of them with her hands. (I’m not kidding when I say that Kristen Stewart acts this scene very well — for once, she looks more ebullient than cool.) "

After reading this my mouth kind of fell open in shock. What? She does what?! That was me. Who knew Bella Swan could be so scandalous?

Another actor earning all kinds of rave reviews is Garrett Hedlund, one of my favorite actors! His performance as Dean Moriarty is really creating some buzz. 

"Although the story is Sal/Kerouac’s, the star part is Dean, and Hedlund has the allure for it; among the men here, he’s the one you always watch, and the actor effectively catches the character’s impulsive, thrill-seeking, risk-taking, responsibility-avoiding personality."

"The best thing in the movie is Garrett Hedlund’s performance as Dean Moriarty, whose hunger for life — avid, erotic, insatiable, destructive — kindles a fire that will light the way to a new era. Hedlund is as hunky as the young Brad Pitt, and like Pitt, he’s a wily, change-up actor. He gives Dean eyes that glitter with a seductive enthusiasm that borders on being a little cracked."

I'm so excited to see this movie, but without a release date even set I know it may be awhile. Usually I don't watch movie clips before I see the movie, but this is a special case considering the wait may be long. Take a look below!

I'm not impressed by the clip with Kristen Stewart, but I'm going to keep an open mind with all the great reviews about her performance. What do you think? Surprised that she gets naked in the movie? Are you planning on seeing it? Thoughts below! 


  1. I'm not really all that surprised by the nudity. The beatniks lived crazy lives full of all sorts of experimentation. I'm honestly not all that enchanted by Kerouac or the rest of the gang. However, I did read On The Road twice, not because I loved it but because it was required reading,so I may see it. I feel ambivalent to the whole thing.

    1. Yeah, I've never read the book so I wouldn't know. I'm not big on literature except for William Faulkner (which is weird I know). I hate required reading, lol, and that sucks you had a read a book you didn't love twice! That is why I'm glad I'm not an English major :)

  2. I actually liked her in the clip in the car. In most of Kristen's interviews, she claims to be drawn to really crazy and different characters, but I can see how Marylou's character is just experimenting, but might not want to be crazy and wild at all. I feel that maybe Marylou's character craved Dean so much that she altered her personality and actions so he would pay attention to her. She says she wants a family and a house, and that shows maturity, wanting stability and love in her life. Dean, on the other hand, sounds like a right ass. But that's what's great about these characters/actors, if we can hate an actor so much as a despicable character, they've done a fantastic job.

    1. I'm really excited to see the movie. It does look like it's going to be deep and have all these great literary themes. I like the clip, I'm just not convinced Kristen Stewart can act yet. But I still have hope for her. If not in On the Road than in Snow White and the Hunstman :)