Books into Movies: Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters (On Set Photos)

The Percy Jackson sequel is currently filming, which means lots of on set photos of the new and old cast. Take a look at some below!

Brandon T. JacksonAlexandra Daddario, Douglas Smith, Logan Lerman

What is with Douglas Smith's hair? I hope the dreads look better in the movie than in the pictures. 
Leven Rambin
Love her brown hair!

Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion is one of my all time favorite actors! I'm just excited he's in the movie! Stanley Tucci was great in The Hunger Games, so I can't wait to see his role in the Percy Jackson sequel. 

Also make sure to check out the Sea of Monsters Tumblr for more on set photos!
What do you think? Excited for the new cast? Thoughts below!


  1. Oh gosh, I had no idea this was filming!! How exciting! I adored the Percy Jackson books and the first film was certainly a good adaptation. Yay, can't wait for this to come out now :)

  2. Finally they are making this! I just went to IMDb and the casting is insane. Anthony Head as Chiron!!! I have a feeling this one is going to be so much better, just based on that. The way they do Tyson will be interesting. Kids got some crazy hair. Thanks for the pics. I am excited!