Fall 2012 TV: The CW Chooses New Shows

There were many new shows that The CW ordered into pilots this season. But only five made the list for full shows! Five is actually a huge number. So what made the cut?
 The Carrie Diaries
 Beauty and the Beast
First Cut

The glaring omission - The Selection - was the one pilot I was most excited for. It is the adaptation from Kiera Cass' young adult novel. I did a quick poll at the end of a post to see which pilot people were most excited for. The Selection dominated with 77%. I'm super bummed it didn't make the list, but I think Arrow and First Cut look amazing. With five new shows, it seems like some of these may be mid-season shows. You can check out more about the shows that got picked up at EW or Hollywood Reporter

What do you think? Excited for the new shows? Sad to see The Selection absent from the list? Comments below!


  1. Well, I thought The Selection would have been a great show, but maybe it got dropped because of how the book did when it came out??

    And I'm excited for Cult, it sounds really good. I'm a fan of Jessica (from Melrose Place, and other stuff). She's always struck me as a great actress, just never given anything to really shine with.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. So bummed that The Selection got cut. I was so excited for it! First Cut sounds like it might be good, so I'll just have to be excited for that instead!

  3. Ehh I don't think they would base it on less than a month of sales.. and if they did, it probably would have been picked up. I just think it was a dumb idea for a show to be perfectly honest. I'm glad it didn't get picked up. I am so sick of books being turned into TV shows because they pretty much NEVER follow the books anyway. Original concepts would be nice.