Books into Movies: The Host (New Images)

This is honestly the day of movie news. Between Twilight and The Diviners, I'm getting overloaded with awesomeness. To cap it off, Entertainment Weekly has released two exclusive images of Jake Abel in The Host. Take a look!

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Entertainment Weekly also sat down with Jake Abel to discuss his role as Ian O'Shea. My favorite questions are below, but visit EW to read the full interview! 

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So tell me about Ian. 
JAKE ABEL: Ian’s one of the last remaining humans, part of the human resistance that’s trying to survive this alien invasion. He and his brother escaped being captured together and found Jeb’s cave out in the desert, and that’s pretty much where he’s resided ever since. He’s been struggling to survive along with the rest of the people in our colony. When Wanda comes, there’s the initial mistrust and fear. But through her actions, she slowly starts to teach us things that we weren’t aware of, and because of that my feelings for her start to change.

It’s kind of like a love quadrangle. 
Yeah, a love box [laughing], between my feelings for Wanda, the alien inside the body, and Jared’s feelings for Melanie, the human who he’s known, whom Ian has never known. Ian has only known this alien.

I know Stephenie Meyer was on the set a fair amount. What was that like, knowing that you were interpreting something that had lived in her head for so long? 
The thing about Stephenie is that she’s highly collaborative. If you have ideas — and we had ideas about the sequels [to the book] — she was like, “Tell me! Tell me!” There were a couple of times I was like, “How ’bout this?” And she was like, “Well, I’ll think about it.” And that’s always so relieving as an actor, because we all want to bring something to the table, and we all understand that the film we’re making is the writer’s baby. There’s parts of you that want to honor their vision. There’s parts of you that have your own vision. And she welcomes that process with open arms. I got her blessing early on with what I was wanting to do with him, and because of that I was able to not think about it so much. She’s kind of the ghost on set anyway. Unless you go find her and have a conversation, she’s not coming up to you to give you notes or change your performance. She’s really, really great about that. 

So are you excited for this movie? I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing it since I love the actors. I haven't read the book because it's a lengthy one and I have to work up the courage to undertake it. Have you conquered The Host? Thoughts below!


  1. I loved The Host! I balled my eyes out. Such an awesome story. I'm really excited about the movie but I'm kind of the opposite of you. Not too big a fan of the actors. I never pictured the characters that way. They look way different than described but I'll have to wait till I see it to pass judgment. Hopefully they do a great job. Sounds like he understands Ian.

    1. Yeah, since I never read the book I have no clue if they resemble the characters are not. So you're probably a much better judge :) I'm glad you liked the book, I definitely need to read it!

  2. Finally some official images of 'Ian'!!
    I loved the book and I can't wait to watch the movie! I'm not a fan of the actors either but I'll wait till I watch the movie to decide.