Stacking the Shelves [7]

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews featuring books added to my shelves and sharing my excitement for them.

For Review (from Netgalley):
Dust Girl (The American Fairy Trilogy, #1) The Assassin's Curse 

Shadow and Bone (The Grisha Trilogy, #1) Red Glove (Curse Workers #2)
  • Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo - Already devoured this book. It is amazing!
  • Red Glove by Holly Black - I finally got the sequel to White Cat. Can't wait to start it! 

I told myself I wasn't going to buy any books for a whole month! Of course I failed! I couldn't pass up Shadow and Bone, and I've already finished it. I'm glad I went ahead and bought it. It's pretty awesome!

What's new on your shelves this week? Have you read any of these books? Comment below and don't forget to leave your links!

Here's the weekly recap. So much Books into Movies News last week!!! 


  1. Your books look all good. Great haul.


  2. I'm so jealous of Shadow and Bone! I have to get it soon, and I still have to read Black Heart before Red Glove, but aren't the covers just gorgeous?

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    1. Yes, I love the covers! A good reason to start the series :)

  3. Shadow and Bone was great! Enjoy everything this week!

    Shortskie's Shelf

  4. Great haul

    I am so in love with the covers of The Assassin's Curse and Shadow and Bone I would buy them for the covers alone.

  5. I've heard so many great things of Shadow & Bone! I can't wait to get my hands on it. I hope you enjoy everything you got this week. Here's my IMM!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  6. Shadow and Bone is so awesome! Happy Reading!

    Letterbox Love!

  7. I still need to read my netgalley copy of Shadow & Bone, I need to try it soon since everyone seems to love it and I love fantasy and YA so it seems right up my alley! I'm still waiting on my copy of The Assassin's Curse, can't wait to read it!!! Happy reading! :)

  8. I want Shadow and Bone so much because everyone is talking about it1 :)
    Janiera @ Books & Beauty

  9. Awesome haul! Shadow & Bone sounds awesome along with White Cat which I've been dying to read. I especially love the covers on both those books *drool*

  10. Shadow & Bone looks amazing! I haven't seen The Assassin before, it looks interesting too. Happy reading!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  11. I am currently reading Shadow and Bone and I am loving it so far. It is living up to the hype. :D

    My Haul

  12. I have not heard of The Assassin's Curse, but it sounds really good. I'm reading Shadow and Bone right now and it's amazing.

    I love the title of your blog! Dead Poets Society is my favorite movie.

    New follower

    1. Thanks so much! Dead Poets Society is my favorite movie as well (obviously) lol :) Thanks for following!

  13. 0o0 awesome book haul! I love the Curse Workers series. Hope you enjoy as well!
    Hope you're having an amazing weekend <3

    Happy Reading~
    A Cupcake and a Latte: Young Adult Reviews!

  14. Haha my "vows" to not buy books for a while never works.. :P I just started reading Shadow and Bone and really liking it so far!

    Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

    Michele | Stacking the Shelves

  15. I really want to read The Assassin's Curse and Shadow and Bone. Awesome haul! :D

    Happy reading and thanks for dropping by! :)
    Kari Po-Ku Reads

  16. Shadow and Bone looks great, hope you enjoy them all! :D

    Here is my weekly round up post.
    Lauren from Northern Plunder

  17. I love the books you got this week! I'm dying to read The Assassin's Curse *hops over to Netgalley*. Also I've herd great things about Shadow and Bone but I haven't read it yet. I'm glad you loved it!

    Enjoy all your books :)

    ♥ Ashley from booknook ♥
    My Stacking the Shelves

  18. aghhh I really want to read Shadow and Bone right now, but I'm behind on a bunch of review ones so I've relegated it for a few weeks from now - and it's KILLING me since I hear such great things! I think it deserves a bit of a cheat on a book buying ban haha. And I don't know much about The Assassin's Curse, but the cover and font choice alone make me want to have it because it's so pretty haha.

    Thank you for stopping by, and happy reading! :)
    Ashley Loves Books