Books into Movies: Beautiful Creatures (First Image of Emmy Rossum as Ridley)

beautifulcreatures - squared

The movie adaptation for Beautiful Creatures is making serious progress. The filming has been completed and the release date is set for February 13, 2013! Images and promotional material will be trickling in until then. I'll try to keep everything up to date! Today, an image of Emmy Rossum as the fiery Ridley was released. Check it out below! 

The image is from Entertainment Weekly's First Look. I'm pretty surprised this was how they chose to portray Ridley. I didn't picture her with slicked-back red hair (although she may have this in the books - I can't remember). But I know Emmy Rossum is an amazing actress, and I think she'll do the character justice. 

What do you think? Have you read the books? Is this how you pictured Ridley? Comments below!


  1. I love Emmy but I'm kind of nervous and a bit disappointed. If I recall correctly* Ridley had long blonde hair...

    1. I thought she had blonde hair! Yeah, I was kind of disappointed too. Ridley is supposed to be evil and seductive. The image makes her just seem...old and blah.

    2. That's another part "age". Like I said I LOVE Emmy, Day After Tomorrow, Phantom of the Opera, etc. but Ridley is supposed to be a teenager and Emmy is most definitely not. Then you have this look that screams mid-20s+.