Books into Movies: Hold Still by Nina LaCour

holdstill - square

If you're a lover of YA books into movies, then you'll be excited to hear that Nina LaCour is trying to get her novel Hold Still to the big screen. She's doing it without the help of big studios and going the indie route. I love this! I'm a huge supporter of independent films! Check out a video and more below. 

The biggest obstacle is money. Without the studios, indie films have to raise it themselves. As of July 12, the project raised the funds! Visit Kickstarter for more information. 

Nina LaCour has also written the screenplay for the film. She's a fan of Reality Bites and Empire Records, which means I'm a huge fan of hers. Those might be two of my favorite movies, and I went through obsessive periods with them. 

"I didn't become a filmmaker. I became a writer. And yet I never surrendered the dream of making movies, and now I'm hoping that I can do both. I adpated Hold Still into a screenplay. Now I'm hoping to bring it to life."

I love when others adapt their own screenplays! Who knows the book better than the author! I'm so excited for this movie and I am officially a huge supporter. I have The Disenchantments sitting on my shelf, and it's finally calling out to me. 

Have you read Hold Still? Will you see this movie? Do you watch independent films? Thoughts below! 


  1. Oh, I would totally see this one. I can't wait! The book was so good. :)

    1. I'm glad you liked the book! I definitely need to pick it up!