Books into Movies: Hunger Games - Catching Fire (Hunter Parrish in Talks for Finnick)

During the discussion of "who shall play Peeta?" Hunter Parrish's name popped up more than just a few times. The undeniably handsome actor, most recognized for his portrayal as pot-dealer Silas Botwin on Showtime's Weeds, lost the lead to Josh Hutcherson, but there may still be a place for him in the franchise.

Itay Hod from The Daily Beast sat down with Parrish in a rather intimate interview. Seriously, I feel like I know Parrish very well now, so much so that I've actually slightly (guiltily) fallen for him. The crush has begun. But I digress (his beauty will do that to you). Parrish might just snatch the coveted role of Finnick Odair. Do we approve?

His name has been thrown into the mix of potential actors to play the character of Finnick Odair in the sequel Catching Fire. This time, he’s much more cautious about getting his hopes up. He has been in talks with producers but doesn’t want to think about it too much. His eyes light up, however, as he considers the possibility.

I actually was rooting for Parrish to become Peeta because I thought he looked the part. Also, as a Weeds fan, I never once doubted his acting abilities. In a single stroke, he's become my favorite contender for Finnick Odair. Who is yours? 

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  1. I can definitely picture him as Finnick, thanks for sharing!