Books into Movies: Legend (Video: Marie Lu Talks about Screenplay and more)

legend squared

Marie Lu sat down with MTV at Comic-Con to talk about her book Legend and the upcoming film. In the video she talks about the screenplay and casting. She says that the "screenplay looks great right now" which is awesome news! Check out the full video interview below! 

Marie Lu also gives her own dream casting for the character Metias.
"The only person that I've pictured with an actor in my mind when I first started writing was Metias, who is June's older brother, and I always pictured Ben Barnes as Metias because I love Ben Barnes."

Ben Barnes! He's Prince Caspian and very good looking. I'm with Marie Lu - I love him too!

The producers also had an interview and talked about casting the characters in their twenties! That would definitely be a creative adaptation for the young adult book. I'm planning on tackling Legend this summer...or hopefully before the movie comes out!

Have you read Legend? Are you excited for the movie? Who would you cast? Comments below!

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