Vote for Kaidan for YA Crush Tourney Today!

The YA Crush Tourney has been going strong for the past few weeks. Now it's time to show your support for the sexy and ultimate crush worthy boy - Kaidan Rowe from Sweet Evil! Continue reading for more details!

Team Kaidan
My review for Sweet Evil basically drools over Kaidan. He's the hottest thing in YA. So if you haven't done so already, head over to The YA Sisterhood to vote for Kaidan. He's against Finnick, so it's tough competition. But I do believe that Kaidan is a better candidate!

Tara at Tater's Tall Tales is the amazing advocate for Kaidan. She is holding an awesome giveaway in honor of Kaidan. So be sure to stop by her blog. 

My love for Kaidan Rowe is basically endless. He's the son of Lust for crying out loud! Who could be sexier? Regardless of the tournament, if you haven't read the book I would highly suggest it! 

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  1. *Drooool* I LOVE Kaidan. He was the smexiest part of Sweet Evil :D

    1. Totally agree! That book is basically awesome because of him :)