Best Instrumental Music in a Book Trailer: Defiance

defiancelarge - banner trailer

I haven't given props to any book trailers recently, but I stumbled upon the book trailer for C.J. Redwine's Defiance and felt compelled to write a post about it. I'm a lover of instrumental music, which usually make movies into something more awesome than they could ever be. Take The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Man of Steel for instance. All use instrumental music to power the movie into something bigger...something epic. Whether that be by kicking up our adrenaline or tugging our heartstrings, the music really does make a difference. In the case of the Defiance book trailer, I'd have to say that they used the music superbly, making it something epic as well. 

The trailer doesn't have much other than the music, words, and some cool fiery graphics. But it already provides a sense of tone. Music is that powerful. And the brilliant use of it earns Defiance my Best Instrumental Music in a Book Trailer Award. Check out the very dramatic book trailer below! 

What do you think? Does it earn your award for best instrumental music? Or is there another book trailer that beats it? Sound off below!


  1. I love this trailer ! I think the soundtrack really adds to it.

    1. I know! It's amazing. It's one of the MANY reasons I'm so excited for this book :D

  2. Do you know what the music used was? Loved the trailer.