Books into Movies: Beautiful Creatures (New Image of Emmy Rossum as Ridley + Video Interview)

beautifulcreatures - squared

An Entertainment Weekly image of Emmy Rossum as Ridley surfaced last week. It featured the actress with short red hair, unlike what I originally pictured the character with. Recently, Emmy Rossum has tweeted a new image of her as the fiery caster along with co-star Thomas Mann, who plays Link. Check them out below!

The first look was also tweeted by Emmy Rossum, showing off the red hair. Again, not my favorite. 

Recently, Emmy tweeted a new image featuring the characters with blonde hair!
I like this one MUCH better. It way more how I pictured Ridley. The only real dissappointment I have is that her hair looks like a wig. I just really don't want this movie to come across as cheesy...or campy...or like another Twilight movie. 

Emmy Rossum also had an interview with MTV and there are some behind the scenes shots! Unfortunatley it's the red-hair Ridley. Check it out below!

I don't know about this scene. The clip seems like it's way too...over the top?? I'm not sure. It just seems fake so far. I'm holding out hope, and trying not to judge it too soon (although it's difficult). I think the worst part of it is the clothing and the hair. Macon Ravenwood's Lena's dress...ugly. Ridley's outfit and I even have to say it? 

Okay, the one good thing about the interview/clip is that apparently they're not using a lot of CGI. Yay! Too much CGI makes the effects look fake. Fingers crossed! 

What do you think about Ridley's looks? Do you like her blonde or red hair better? Sound off below! 


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  3. I am super excited about this movie. Hope it doesn't disappoint. Emmy looks great.

    1. Yeah, I hope it's good too! I'm going to be sad if it turns out to be bad.

  4. I love this book series but so far I'm extremely nervous for the movie. I agree, the blonde hair looks fake and kind of old-looking. I mean it just doesn't seem like a young adult's hair style in this day and age.