Books into Movies: Hunger Games - Catching Fire (Casting News for Mags and Finnick, plus more)

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Catching Fire filming is soon approaching, so all the casting is wrapping up...or should be. Here's what's happened in the past week. Lynn Cohen has been cast as Mags, one of the eldest tributes in the Quarter Quell. According to Deadline, Sam Claflin is still the front-runner for Finnick. Read more for details!


Honestly, anyone that is old would have been a great casting choice for Mags. I haven't seen many of the movies Cohen has been in, but some of her noteworthy films are Munich and Eagle Eye. I am glad they chose an actress that visibly looks aged, and not a Hollywood star that is old but doesn't look Meryl Streep...not that they would choose her, but you get the idea. 

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Sam Claflin is rumored to already have been cast for Finnick. The official announcement has been postponed due to some conflicts. Deadline also reported the other three actors on the shortlist for the role. Of the three, Tyler Hoechlin made the cut. He's the alpha wolf from MTV's Teen Wolf. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Teen Wolf, but Hoechlin is that last person I pictured as Finnick. I'm starting to love the choice for Sam Claflin more and more! 

Sam Claflin has been the favorite, but he had a problem with an option owed to another studio that presented date problems. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter stars Ben Walker, Boyd Holbrook and Tyler Hoechlin were the other competitors for that role, but it looks now like things have cleared for Claflin and that he’ll play the role.

While casting is coming to an end, Filming is slowly approaching. Josh Hutcherson has dyed his hair back blonde! Yay for those blonde lovers out there...Boo for those (like me) who prefer brunettes. 

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Filming for Catching Fire will take place in Hawaii and Atlanta, Georgia - according to Hypable! I'm super excited for this information because...well I live in Georgia!! I'm hoping I can (maybe) spot some actors. I'm not skinny and gaunt enough to be an extra but I'll check things out. 

Josh Hutcherson recently had an interview with Ryan Seacrest where he talks about filming in Atlanta. 
“I’ve been training for about the last month or so now and I head out in about two weeks to go down to Atlanta to start shooting. It’s not quite intense as the first round that I did last year, but it’s just basically getting in good shape. We’re pretty much wearing these body suits the entire time, so one would like be in good shape to wear a spandex neoprene body suit for an entire movie.”
Visit for the full interview. 

It sounds like filming will begin within the month! I'm super excited. We're one step closer to that November 22, 2013 release date. Ewe. I hate even typing it, since it is pretty far away. 
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Philip Seymour Hoffman, who will play the Head Gamemaker, has also read the script. In an interview with EW, he explained that the script is "true to the book." This is great news! As long as the movie does the book justice than the fans can rest easy. 

Here's the rundown on the new cast members confirmed so far: 

Okay! Whew! *wipes sweat from brow* that was a ton of news. It's all exciting and I can't wait for this film. If it's as good as the first, I won't have a problem. 

What do you think? Like the casting so far? Huge expectations for the sequel? Thoughts below!


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