Books into Movies: Hunger Games - Catching Fire (Casting Tributes and More)

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Catching Fire has many more casting updates, particularly for tributes. Stephanie Leigh Schlund joined the movie as Cashmere. Maria Howell earned the role of District 11 tribute, Seeder. And E. Roger Mitchell will play Chaff, the male District 11 tribute. 

I'm awful at recognizing these minor characters. Which is the direct result of reading Catching Fire two years ago. So this is when I take to The Hunger Games Wiki:

A victor in a past Hunger Games, Cashmere was reaped along with her brother Gloss for the Third Quarter Quell. She and Gloss both won the Hunger Games in consecutive years when Katniss was younger. As a Career Tribute, Cashmere was arrogant and conceited, even though she didn't become friends or allies with Katniss, she and her brother still managed to become friends with the other tributes.

Cashmere is a District 1 tribute along with her brother Gloss. She is a part of the baddie Career Tribute pack and described as having "long blond hair, cascading in curls," looking much like Glimmer from The Hunger Games

Stephanie Leigh Schlund is fairly unknown, only having a role in Miley Cyrus' The Last Song. Looks wise, I feel like she is really similar to Leven Rambin who played Glimmer. So...great casting!

District 11 has two casting updates! Seeder and Chaff! Seeder doesn't have a huge part in Catching Fire. She's from the same district as Rue, so that's her biggest identifier. Her description from the book is below.

"The woman, Seeder, looks almost like she could be from the Seam, with her olive skin and straight black hair streaked with silver. Only her golden brown eyes mark her as from another district. She must be around sixty, but she still looks strong, and there’s no sign she’s turned to liquor or morphling or any form of chemical escape over the years."

Chaff is the male tribute from District 11. I wasn't familiar with his character so I took the always amazing Hunger Games Wiki for a description. 

Chaff was six feet tall, with dark skin, and had an arm that ended with a stump because he lost his hand in the 45th Hunger Games. He chose not to get a prosthetic arm. He and Haymitch were friends, as they both turned to drinking after they won their Games. During the reaping recaps, Effie Trinket commented that "Chaff never could stay out of a fight," implying that he had volunteered as Tribute. 

Seeder and Chaff are a part of the good guys! They're in the alliance that Haymitch concocted to protect Peeta and Katniss. Along with Seeder and Chaff, the alliance consists of  Beetee, Wiress, Finnick, Mags, Johanna, Woof and the Morphlings. 

As far as casting goes, I'm not sure Maria Howell looks sixty. But otherwise I like the choices!

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Josh Hutcherson had an interview with Yahoo! Movies to talk about the movie and the script

"I do have a script in hand and it's awesome.  I love it so much," Hutcherson confirmed, revealing that he met with newly-installed director Francis Lawrence to discuss the film's vision. "We talked about how important it was to really make the movie version of the book and that was Francis's goal from day one -- and the script definitely portrays that.  It's a very true-to-the-book rendition of the movie."

Yay! A good script is the second step to an awesome sequel. I'm very excited for all the elements to come together to make this movie awesome.

In The Hunger Games movie news, the DVD was released today! That means awesome special features. If you're into bloopers and behind the scenes, check out a sneak peak of what's in the DVD below. Josh Hutcherson talks about the training that went into filming!

So I'll be heading over to get my DVD soon. I'm a big special features fan. I'm also super excited for more casting choices to come in. It's making me realize that I need to reread Catching Fire for sure. Plus, every interview I read with Josh Hutcherson makes me love him more and more. Nicest guy in Hollywood? I think so! And if you want to learn about all the cast so far, check out!

What do you think? Are you going to be watching the special features on the DVD? Who's your favorite casting choice so far for Catching Fire? Comments and thoughts below!!


  1. Ohhh, Cashmere looks like she's gonna be badasssss! So excited to buy my copy of the DVD. Going to watch it every day, nbd!

  2. I'm loving all these castings.. but damn! I just read book 2 like a year ago and I don't remember half these people. HAHA. I really need to re-read it.