Books into Movies: Hunger Games - Catching Fire (Casting Romulus Thread, Contest at Amazon to Visit Set, and more)

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There will continue to be so much Catching Fire news until the November 2013 release date. Another cast member has joined the ranks! Patrick St. Esprit will play Romulus Thread, according to Variety. Also in news, you can win a trip to the set of Catching Fire, courtesy of Amazon. And Josh Hutcherson talks about filming. Continue reading for all the juicy details!

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Don't know who Romulus Thread is? Well, he's the Head Peacekeeper for District 12. Don't feel too bad if you didn't get that the first time (I actually had to go look it up). I don't remember much about the character, so I can't really say if he looks like how I pictured. But I'll let you, lovely readers, weigh in on the matter. Good casting choice? Comments at the bottom! 

Amazon is having a sweepstakes for a lucky winner to visit the set of Catching Fire in Atlanta. To enter, all you have to do is fill out a form at this page. The contest ends August 12th, so be sure to head over the quickly if you're dying to see some behind the scenes Hunger Games action.

Recently back blonde, Josh Hutcherson has been in the headlines a lot these days. He had an interview with USA Today where he discussed his preparations for filming, saying "I'm getting in even better shape this time around."Apparently, we'll be seeing a beefier side of Peeta in Catching Fire.
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“After the games, Peeta would have been taking care of himself physically. And he's gone back to the village and is able to eat healthy. So I've been training and getting ready for that.”

I've never pictured Peeta as a very strong guy, even though he has to be have some muscle to carry all those bags of flour. I'm curious to see how Hutcherson will fair with some muscles!

Josh Hutcherson also has nothing but great things to say about his new co-star, Philip Seymour Hoffman! 

Everything he does, he’s just the most epic guy! So, I’m like, ‘You’re doing our movie?’ I was blown away when I heard about him.

Josh Hutcherson seems like such a nice guy! But I have to say, I like him with the brunette hair. The blonde hair (in the above picture) is not as attractive. But he can't help this. Peeta (unfortunately) has to be blonde. And if you're still not convinced that Josh Hutcherson is the most likeable actor around, then take a look at the video below. He shows off his dance moves!

Image Credit: Murray Close/Lionsgate

Hutcherson isn't the only cast member talking to press about Catching Fire. Liam Hemsworth had an interview with Total Film.

What scenes/moments are you looking forward to filming in Catching Fire? What can fans expect of Gale? “I think just watching the different relationships become more complex will be great to see. I'm really looking forward to the part of the stories where Gale gets to fight back.”
Visit Total Film for the full interview!

I'm also waiting for Gale to go a bit badass...and ultimately have a bigger part. Although I know his character really takes a back seat until Mocking Jay. Plus, yay for the brunette hair!

Excited for the movie? Can't wait for the DVD to come - August 18th for all those specials features lovers?! Any thoughts on J. Hutch's hair color? Comments below!

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