Books into Movies: The Mortal Instruments (Jonathan Rhys Meyers Confirmed as Valentine)

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Here's the news we've all been anticiptating. Well, at least I have been anticipating and probably all the other The Mortal Instruments fans out there. Or maybe you're just a Jonathan Rhys Meyers fan. Anyway, after the rumors from earlier this week, Cassie Clare has officially confirmed that the Irish heartthrob will take the role as lead villain, Valentine. Continue reading for Cassie Clare's thoughts and my own opinion on this casting choice! 

I've already expressed my apprehension about this casting choice. Mainly because of the whole age shenanigans. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is 35 and Kevin Zegers, who was cast as Alec, is 27. That's only eight years separation between two characters that should have a large age gap between them. So, it's kind of concerning. (I also couldn't refrain from posting the picture of Meyers with a nip-slip...hehe).

But if you've seen The Tudors, you know that Jonathan Rhys Meyers can play the bad guy well. He's got that charisma and quality about it that makes you love to hate him. I have no doubt he can bring Valentine to life. Plus, Cassie Clare loves the choice!

I’ve liked JRM since he was in Velvet Goldmine and I have to admit that image was what sprang immediately to mind when the producer called me and said “…Jonathan Rhys Meyers?”
I was like, “Velvet Goldmine!”
And Robert, who is German and very practical, was like, “I hope you have seen things he is in since then or I will assume you do not go to the theater.”
So yes I should probably also mention that JRM plays Henry the 8th on The Tudors, and does a very good job of being charismatic, power-hungry, and cold.

Fun fact: Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the third Irish actor cast in The Mortal Instruments. He will join fellow countrymen, Robert Sheehan and Aidan Turner

Cassie Clare is also HUGE on twitter. She replies to most if not all of her fans. She's basically awesome. Here are some equally awesome tweets. 
No scandals on the movie set! This is a plus for all those drama haters out there. Aidan's not the only nice cast member. Looks like it may just be one big happy family on set!

Casting is also officially finished, which means that filming is getting dangerously close, August 15th to be exact. Excited? Well, you should be. Filming brings about behind the scenes clips, and we get to see these actors transform into all the beloved characters. 
And of course, the entire cast is sizzling! If you haven't checked them all out, visit! Cassie Clare will be visiting the set for the first half of filming, so hopefully she'll be giving more updates as it progresses. 
Finally, I'll leave you with a tweet from my favorite casting choice. Godfrey Gao as Magnus is...well perfect.

What do you think about the casting choices? Concerned about the age range? Excited for filming? Will you be seeing this movie? Thoughts below!


  1. It seems so far away! I'm so excited, and I can't wait!

  2. Awesome news :) Thanks for sharing can't wait to see the movie!!

  3. Mmm... more eye candy! This movie is just filled to the brim with cuties. LOL. I finally read book one so I actually "know" these characters now :)