Books into Movies: The Mortal Instruments (Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Talks for Valentine Role)

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Some huge The Mortal Instrument movie news may hit the internet in the coming weeks. The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Jonathan Rhys Meyes (The Tudors) is in negotiations for the role of the big bad, Valentine. Continue reading for details and more movie news! 

Valentine is the main villain, so besides the leads, his casting has to be perfect. I think that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a very skilled actor and could potentially portray Valentine well. 

But I think there is a huge flaw in the casting choices thus far. Age. The young characters are being cast with older actors. Jamie Campbell Bower, who will play Jace, is twenty-three. And Kevin Zegers, who will play Alec, is twenty-seven! I'm usually never bothered by casting older because some actors do generally look younger than they really are. 

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is one of those actors, so I find his casting choice...odd. He's thirty-five, which means he has been cast younger than the character. I'm really not sure how this is going to look on screen. I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers as an actor, but as Valentine...with the current cast...I'm not sure it's the best move. I hope that the film will prove me wrong! 

Filming for The Mortal Instruments will begin August 15th in Toronto. Stuntman, Alain Moussi, took to twitter to discuss training. Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower have been kicking some butt to get into gear for the film.

Training means they're close to filming! So excited that progress is being made. Thanks to TMI Source for the scoop!

Stephen R. Hart was cast in a smaller role as Brother Jeremiah, one of the Silent Brothers. All Stephen R. Hart has to do is look kind of freaky. His head shot pretty much conveys it. Cassie Clare also approves, double plus!

Dude seems appropriately creepy to me. Also he will be buried under pounds of makeup and robes. Interested to see how the Silent Brothers turn out visually. 

Curious to see what the makeup will be like? The Mortal Instruments movie page describes Brother Jeremiah as having "mutilated his body - removed his eyes, sewn his mouth shut and covered his body with runes". The makeup sounds like it could potentially be award worthy if done right!

Lastly, Kevin Zegers was recently cast as the beloved Alec. He took to twitter to share his excitement!

I'm nervous about the cast based on their ages. But I think that if  it's done right, this movie could be amazing! Hopefully it won't lead in the direction of Beautiful Creatures (which I'm slowly losing hope for).

What do you think? Do you like the casting choices so far? Have you read the books? Will you see the movie? Thoughts below!


  1. Age has been a huge issue for me with the casting too! No offense to the guy playing Alec, but wasn't there anyone younger? I mean, if they do decide to film all 6 books, how old will he be by the end? I really don't understand. Also, the man playing Luke is only 29 I believe? I am not sure if it said somewhere in the books that being a werewolf has stopped him from aging, but I just don't understand the age choices here. At all. For some reason it all bugs me. :/

    1. Oh my gosh, I did not know the actor for Luke was 29! That definitely makes me more worried. I didn't think that werewolves stopped aging in the books, but I could be wrong. We may need a third opinion on the matter :) And yeah, I agree with the Kevin Zegers stuff, lol...he'll be extremely old if they make all four books into movies.

      I think that the second choice for Alec was Ed Westwick (from Gossip Girl). He's 25, but at least he does look young...kind of...

      Honestly the only person that fits their age is the casting for Simon. Robert Sheehan looks like a teenager, even though he's 24. The age stuff is officially starting to bug me too.

    2. Yes I think Robery definitely looks young enough for Simon. And I think Lily also looks really young too. Magnus has been my favorite casting so far.

      I ususally remain pretty open with casting for most movies but I seem to be picky on this one. LOL Hopefully it will all come together well.

    3. Totally agree that Lily looks young. I saw Mirror Mirror recently and I didn't really like it. I'm not sure if it was her acting or the script, but I'm hoping it was the script.

      I LOVE the casting for Magnus!! That was spot on! I'm "kind-of" open about casting with movies. Okay, not really. I'm always picky, especially if I liked the book they were adapting :) There are a lot of fans this movie has to please, and I know that there must be a lot of pressure for the people making it.

  2. I agree with the age thing. I mean are we supposed to believe that Jace and Alec are only a few years apart ? I think Rhys Meyers can play old but I really have no idea what they are doing with this casting.

    1. Yeah, Rhys Meyers has the potential to play old because he did so in The Tudors. But I think that would also mean some makeup for him. I just hope the script and everything comes together so it won't be a problem.