CW Stars Best Tweets of the Week (Aug 19 - 26)

At CW Atlanta, the "Best Tweets of the Week" features the sometimes hilarious and other times cool tweets from CW stars. Here, I'll highlight one and be sure to check out the rest at CW69.  

Continue Reading to see the CW tweet!! Which star could it be from? Hmm...

For all of those who have season the TVD season 3 finale, you know who Somerhalder is talking about (he he). Can't wait for season 4? The October 11th premiere gives me just enough time to make Team Klaus T-shirts.

Want to see the rest of this weeks tweets? Find them here. I promise they're as equally amusing as Kat Graham's. Devon Sawa (one of many childhood crushes of mine) retweets a pic of a fan's Jan Sport backpack adorned with a vintage 90s Sawa button. I honestly don't do the description justice, so head over to the CW Atlanta to check it out.

What was your favorite tweet of the week?


  1. Loved Devon Sawa's tweet! *sigh* I miss the 90's. Great tweet hunting, Becca!

  2. LOL. I love tweets that come from CW stars! A great deal of the time they're hilarious.

    October why can't you come faster?!!