New Meme: Like This, Try This

Like This, Try This is a meme designed to introduce YA books that are similar to TV Shows, movies, and other books! 

LTTT - 1

What do you think? Have you read any of these books? Agree with the comparisons? Leave your lovely comments below!

This meme was inspired by Entertainment Weekly's Single Swap for music. 


  1. I love the idea of this meme! I'm a huge Charmed fan so it overjoys me to see that Born Wicked bares similarities. I LOVED the Hungers Games and I actually have Under the Never Sky but I just keep bypassing it whenever I start a new book. I really need to just start it!

    1. Thanks! I thought I would give this meme a shot since I compare books to TV and movies all the time. And yeah, Born Wicked is A LOT like Charmed :D

      Ooh, you must try Under the Never Sky. It's one of my favorite books of the year!

    2. Really, a favorite? I will have to attempt to start it at least once my tbr list of musts* gets smaller. :)