Books into Movies: Beautiful Creatures (New Image Stills and Teaser Trailer)

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As the February 13th release date approaches, more promotional material  for Beautiful Creatures will froth out like a fountain of gold. Or something along those lines. The movie stills have been released courtesy of Just Jared and the Examiner, officially credited to Alcon Entertainment. Continue reading for the images and the teaser trailer!

The Teaser Trailer

My thoughts on the trailer: Beautiful. Seriously, this movie looks like it is filmed magnificently. The sets are outstanding. My favorite part of the books was the Southern setting. Definitely will be seeing this opening night. Also, there is a lot of kissing between Ethan and Lena. They seem to have really good on-screen chemistry. Bonus points for using my favorite Florence & the Machine song from her new album!

The Image Stills

I've provided commentary to the images because showing them wouldn't be as fun without expressing my wild opinions. Like with The Mortal Instruments on-set photos and the Breaking Dawn trailer, I'm not going to hold back. Proceed with caution. 

Ethan (Alden Ehrenreich) looks really sexy in this photo. Did I picture Ethan Wate with muscles in the book? That'd be a no, but I'm not complaining! I will comment on Ridley's (Emmy Rossum) hair later. I need extra space for that one. 

Cute! Favorite part of the book is the Southern Gothic setting, and here we get a peek at it. 

First picture of Macon Ravenwood (Jeremy Irons) and I'm loving it!

What is happening here?! Ridley is my favorite character in the book and I feel like wardrobe and styling has screwed her over. I want to like the red hair but it reminds me too much of this. Then there's that dress. The pattern is so odd and definitely not badass and sultry enough for Ridley. Overall a big fat F. The only hope is Emmy's acting! 

Loving Alice Englert as Lena! Amazing casting choice. Not sure what scene this is, but the number 75 is written on her hand! 75 days until her sweet sixteen!

Props/Location Team: 50     Wardrobe Team: -10

Also, great casting for Amma (Viola Davis). I'm still not loving the wardrobe choices. Although the jean jacket is kind of sexy in a Southern town sort of way. 

Catty high school girls in cowboy boots! Check! However, this picture looks like a n advertisement for Old Navy. 

Here is why I think the movie will succeed. These two are so adorable together. This picture reminds me of The Notebook with that old-timey feel. 

They look like a real couple who just took a picture on instagram. This is the image that makes me want to see the film. Hands down! 

My least favorite part about the books was the romance. It was cute, but not all together for me. These image stills really capitalize on the relationship and make it so much more real. Alice Englert and Alden seem to have some serious chemistry. I hope that it plays on-screen like it does in the images!

Check out the other pictures of Ridley. Plus, there's one with her blonde hair. I also explain why I don't like that choice either.

Despite the issues I have with the wardrobe, the movie looks stunning. I really had doubts in the beginning, but after watching the trailer I'm a believer! I cannot wait for the movie. I will surely be seeing it at the midnight premiere! 

What do you think? Excited for the movie? Like the images stills? Have your own awesome commentary? Sound off below!

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  1. I'm just so incredibly excited and thankful towards Alcon for producing a movie that looks to be closely resembling the novel. BC was one of my favorite books from the last couple years and I'm very eager for a great film adaption. So far what I've seen (minus Ms. Argent's younger sister... cough cough I mean Ridley LOL) has been spot on. I love your picture commentary so much. So funny!!! the Old Navy one had me lol-ing because it's so true!