Books into Movies: The Mortal Instruments (Lily Collins Talks Filming and Jamie Campbell Bower - Video)


MTV sat down with Lily Collins in Vancouver to talk about the filming that has just begun! Continue reading for the short video and my comments!

In this first video Lily Collins talks about Jamie Campbell Bower and his performance. She explains in the video:
"He didn't have to try. He's that perfect mixture between being this, like, mysterious Jace and also very endearing and funny, and he brings this wit and charm that only Jamie can bring. You just burst out laughing because he's so deadpan when he delivers things."

In the second video Lily Collins discusses filming. She states in the video:
"We just finished week three and I think we've hit every part of the movie already in three weeks. We've gone from early Clary to Shadowhunter Clary and back again and we're doing all the action, all the stunts."
I'm still going to stand by the fact that I think JCB was a bad casting choice. I'm also not a fan of Lily Collins...yet. She may very well sway me with her performance in City of Bones. However, I'm super excited for the film because I love the rest of the cast!

If you're still not convinced about Godfrey Gao playing Magnus Bane or being one of the hottest men in the world, then feast your eyes on his instagram photo!

What about all of you? Who's your favorite casting choice? Do you think JCB and Lily Collins will have the chemistry to pull of Clara and Jace? Thoughts below!


  1. Godfrey Gao looks like an excellent choice! I still am uneasy about the whole movie to be honest, but I'll reserve all judgment until I see it!

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

  2. If Lily and Jamie's portrayals come out weak it's really going to ruin the chances of the franchise/continuation. I really want this movie and the series as a whole to be spectacular, just like the HP movies. I know they aren't "huge" but I would have felt a lot better if they brought on two lesser-known actors who could have blown us away.

    Oh btw - I bought book two the other day! I remember you saying that someone told you that book two is a bit better. *Crosses fingers!!*

  3. I wasn't a big fa of the book (..don't shoot me!) but I think I'll like the movie. Godfrey Gao is hot, I'm just having a hard time imagining him with lots of glitter >.>

  4. I love this series in a HUGE way, and when I heard there was going to be a movie I got so, soooooo excited! And then.... I heard about the casting, and I stopped being excited. I do not see Lily Collins as Clary at all. Not even a tiny bit. And the dude playing Jace, he is even worse. Ugh. I will see the movie, but I sure hope they transform themselves completely because otherwise I fear it will be disappointing. :(