Books into Movies: Beautiful Creatures (Video Featurette with New Scenes!)


Beautiful Creatures has already released a teaser trailer, which is fantastic! But now they have added a featurette to the mix. I've watched it already and while it is amazing, I must warn you that they show a ton of scenes! If you don't want to be super spoiled, then I would venture at your own risk. Continue reading to see the featurette!

Okay so my favorite part of the featurette were the sets. They look so amazing! What I didn't like: Ridley's ever changing styles. I'm not a fan. And do their eyes glow in the books? Just curious, I can't remember. Southern accents also get to me. Maybe its because I'm from the South and can spot fake ones pretty easily, or because I just don't like how it sounds. But I can't complain because this does take place in a Southern Gothic setting. I'm still trying to keep my expectations low so I'm not too disappointed if it ends up sucking. 

What do you think? Love it or hate it? Thoughts below!


  1. Yeh, Ridley's eyes are YELLOW!! I'm like that too, trying not to get too excited, just in case. But is hard.
    They all look great~

    1. They sure are yellow! I'm holding back my excitement. *repress* *repress* :D Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I am getting so darn excited for this movie. Every time I see something about it on TV or online, I watch the video clips a bazillion times. I have the book, and I started reading it when I first bought it... but I think I might wait until after I see the movie to finish it. I've done that before and it doesn't typically ruin anything for me. I know people who refused to read the Harry Potter books because they loved the movies so much, they didn't want to know what happens until the next movie!

    Thanks for sharing :)