Books into Movies: Divergent (Potential Cast - Alexander Ludwig)

divergent 250 square
It was just last week that casting has officially begun for Divergent. Shaliene Woodley is in talks for Tris and Evan Peters has the script. Now we can add another potential actor to the roster. Alexander Ludwig has met with the director to talk about having a role as the coveted Four! Continue reading for more details. 

You may recognize Alexander Ludwig as the baddie Cato from The Hunger Games. Or if you're like me and are addicted to movies, you may equate him with the kid alien from the remake of The Race to Witch Mountain. Not the best of movies, but anyways. His resume is sparse compared to most actors so hearing that he's up for the role of Four is quite surprising. He took to twitter to reveal the news.

I think Alexander Ludwig played a great bad guy, but I'm still not convinced he can be a leading man. He's also CRAZY tall. I don't know if you've ever seen a picture him beside Josh Hutcherson, but there is a clear height difference. After an IMDB check, it's concluded that Alexander is 6'2''. That means whatever actress plays Tris can't be too short or else there will be some odd angles.

Do I picture Alexander Ludwig as Four? The simple answer. No. Then again, I'm not sure who I picture as Four. 

What do you think about Alexander Ludwig? Are you a fan? Who is your dream casting for Four? Sound off below!


  1. I've liked Alexander ever since I saw him in The Seeker but I just DO NOT see him as Four. I don't mind that he's wicked tall; It's just that he's got one of those hard almost arrogant looking faces which will drive me absolutely nuts if he's Four. I think he'd be better suited for a villain role.

  2. Yes, please! He's not who I pictured as Four, but I just adored him as Cato in The Hunger Games, so the more of him I get to see, the better! (:

  3. I don't see him playing Four at all .. But I have no idea which actor could either. :)

  4. I have to disagree with y 'all because I actually like him for four. He has the face and the pic makes him look dark and handsome. If ie was picked I wouldn't complain. :)

  5. I have no problems with Alexander Ludwig but he is not Four to me at all. To me is is more the frat boy which is not how I envisioned Four. :(

  6. I've got no problem with this actor, but he's not Four. I don't know who I picture as Four, it's just something I'll KNOW when I see him. It's hard to explain. I've never had a definite picture in my head, but I have an idea of a picture but it's never formed. I hope their talking to other actors as well.

  7. Personally, i dont know. My first response is NO, its Garrett Hedlund and always will be. But if hea a convincing enough actor as a leading role and can play the good guy...and maybe if he looks a bit more "attractive" so to speak, i might be ok. At least we all know he can be tough.
    But my dream cast would have been Garrett. Forever and always. I do like Shailene tho! Great choice!!

    1. Ahhhh its saying on IMDB that Shailene is 5'8"!! Too tall to be Tris! At least she looks like her, tho. But still. Too tall. :/