5 Books We're Thankful For

In spirit of Thanksgiving, we've decided to talk about the books we're so very glad were written and published -- a process that takes a great deal of luck, talent and dedication from the author and a team of wizards. Leave a comment on what book you're thankful for this year!

Breathe (Breathe, #1)
by Sara Crossan

I'm undoubtedly thankful for Breathe by Sarah Crossan. I'm pretty sure I even thanked her for writing it in my review. I think it's a masterpiece of a book that left my mind reeling for days, and I truly connected with every little aspect and intricate detail. It's a beautiful tale of survival and family and what it means to be alive. 

Favorite Line:
"We stand up and stroll along a walkway looping the pod. A group of Premium runners rush by in facemasks, mini airtanks attached to their waists with BREATHE printed in yellow on the side. They are panting and sweating and rather ugly-looking as they exercise, but even so, Mom smiles after them, her eyes as wide as dinner bowls." - Bea 

Spark (Elemental, #2)

by Brigid Kemmerer

I adore, adore, adore Spark by Brigid Kemmerer. The characters will stay with me for a very long time to come, and the thought of losing even a little bit of the world and people Kemmerer created makes me incredibly sad. So I keep holding the book close so I'll never forget the journey that all these characters went on. And I'm still hoping one day it'll be turned into a television show, and we'll see five hunky guys on screen with family issues as deeply seeded as the Scott brothers from One Tree Hill. Thanks, Brigid and K-Teen, for bringing this book to life. It's made my year. 

Favorite Line: 
"Layne had to remind herself to focus. 'What's it like, having a twin?' He closed his eyes and gave a tight sigh. 'I never know how to answer that question.' He paused. 'I mean, what's it like not having one?'"

Article 5 (Article 5, #1)
Article 5 
by Kristin Simmons

I had no expectations when I read Article 5 over the summer. It blew me away. Literally, one of the best dystopian books I've read. The realism drives the book and it's written beautifully. It also contains one of the most heartbreaking romances, grounded and fierce. It made me appreciate great dystopians and realistic characters. I'm thankful that I took a chance on this book. 

Favorite Line:
“I could not fall back in love with Chase Jennings. Doing so was like falling in love with a thunderstorm. Exciting and powerful, yes. Even beautiful. But violently tempered, unpredictable, and ultimately short-lived.” - Ember

Sweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy, #1)

Sweet Evil 
by Wendy Higgins

I have fondness for books with sexy boys. But Sweet Evil puts sexy to a whole new glorious level. This paranormal romance twists a tired trope like angels into something hot, steamy, and incredibly addicting. It's one of those books where you gasp with the words they went there! Yes, they did. Kaidan Rowe, drummer and the son of Lust, provides enough sexual tension to steam a room. I'm thankful for sexy YA boys like Kaidan Rowe. 

Favorite Line:
“I felt you come alive when we kissed, and I know you’re afraid of that. Afraid to unleash that other side of yourself.” - Kaidan Rowe

The Raven Boys (Raven Cycle, #1)

The Raven Boys 
by Maggie Stiefvater

Maggie Stiefvater is the queen of characters. I undoubtedly fall in love with them. It doesn't even matter if the plot is just average because I'm too deeply invested in her characters to care. The Raven Boys delivers not only a stellar, three-dimensional cast but a plot worth flipping the pages for. It's one of those books that lingers long after you finish. I'm thankful for Ronan, Gansey, and all the other Raven Boys. 

Favorite Line:
“Aglionby Academy was the number one reason Blue had developed her two rules: One, stay away from boys because they were trouble. And two, stay away from Aglionby boys, because they were bastards.” 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you have lots of books to be thankful for this year! 


  1. I have BREATHE in my room, thinking I'm going to have to start it, like, asap. Totally agree with SWEET EVIL and SPARK! <3

    Great choices. Have an amazing Thanksgiving, guys!

  2. I have actually seen The Raven Boys book at my school. Hmmm I should add it to my list.The author also composed a piece of music for her book Shiver. I do not know the same but if you want you could probably find it on youtube.

  3. I've never read these books before, but they look great!

  4. Breathe is on my Christmas wish list and so is Sweet Evil. Great picks!


  5. Great little holiday meme idea. I wish I had thought of doing something like this! I totally agree on Sweet Evil and Spark they were both amazing. One of these days I'll get to Breathe!!