Books into Movies: Divergent (Casting Narrowed Down to Four Actors for Four)

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Casting has almost ended for the two leads in DivergentShaliene Woodley was chosen as Tris! According to Deadline, she is now in chemistry tests with four actors for the male leads. Of the four, Alexander Ludwig  and Colton Haynes, who were rumored to be in talks, are missing from the list. So who could be the new Four? Continue reading to find out! 

1. Luke Bracey
This Australian's most noticeable appearance was in the Selina Gomez flick Monte Carlo. Other than that, he's appeared on the very popular Australian soap opera Home and Away. He's 23, even though he looks almost thirty. 

2. Brenton Thwaits
Another Australian actor, who's most noticeable appearance was in an Australian show called SLiDE. Like Bracey, he has also appeared on Home and Away. He's 23, but looks more like a teenager.  

3. Lucas Till
He's an American actor who jumped onto the big screen in last years X-Men: First Class as Havok. His future roster looks also pretty impressive. He's 22, and incredibly good looking with a nice set of acting chops to back him up.

4. Jack Reynor
Born in America but raised in Ireland, Reynor has the least credentials of the four actors. His most credible film is What Richard Did in which he stars the lead actor. The trailer is very emotional, and I think that he has the acting skills to carry a character like Four. He's also the youngest of the group at 18 20.

Now onto my personal opinions. I think the first two choices are all wrong. Bracey looks way too old and Thwaites is nothing how I pictured Four. I've seen both of them in movies/TV and while they are good actors, they're not my favorites. I love Lucas Till! I think he could do an amazing job with Four. But I think he has some competition with Jack Reynor. While I've never seen Reynor's work, he clearly can pull off emotional scenes. It's just going to be down to whether fans think he looks the part. 

I'm super bummed Colton Haynes from Teen Wolf wasn't in the mix because he was my top choice. I'm also not stoked that Shaliene Woodley got the role as Tris because she is nothing how I pictured the feisty female lead. Hopefully I'm proven wrong and she ends up killing the part! 

So what do you think? Out of the four potential actors for Four, who would you pick? And what do you think about Shaliene Woodley? Sound off below!


  1. have nevr heard of Reynor but he coul do it . fresh faces are always gr8

  2. My favorite of the four is Jack Reynor. :)

  3. I didn't know they were already starting to plan the movie! I heard rumors about it and Shaliene, but wow! Well, they can do wonders while preparing actors for roles :) However, I do hope they pick Reynor.

  4. Totally agree with Reynor. I saw his pic and was like..."Four.YES" ^_^ Hopefully the movie ppl do it right and pick him ;)

  5. I agree with everything you said. The last two guys are both great! And I was pretty disappointed hearing that Shaliene Woodly was Tris. I hope to be pleasantly surprised!

  6. Out of the four, I've only seen Reynor in movies. I totally agree with the first two (too old too young). #Reynor all the way. I loved him in X-men.

  7. I think Jack Reynor would be good. He's got that bad boy, please don't mess with me, look to him. That or Lucas if he dyes he's hair black. :D

  8. Jack Reynor was my choice out of these four (pun intended LOL). I think he looks like a cross between Sebastian Stan and Scott Porter.

    I just can't picture Lucas Till as Four. He has too much of a young face. I always pictured Four more mature than that.

  9. I don't like any of them. *sigh* I am usually not that picky but I have been very disappointed with the casting of some of my favorite characters lately. I guess I just don't see what the casting directors see. At all. Super bummed about Colton not being up there. :(

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  11. Hmmm Jack Reynor is 20, not 18 (his iMDB page states his DoB as Jan 23rd 1992).

    Out of all of those actors I'd pick Lucas Till in an instant, he definitely has more experience and he could be the most good looking from the bunch :P

    1. Oops! You're right about his age. I'll change it. Thanks for the catch ;)

  12. When I saw the guys, Jack Reynor is the only one that looks like Four to me. So out of them, I hope he gets it.

  13. It's too bad they aren't sticking with the actual ethnicity of Four. In one of her interviews, someone asked Roth about Four's parents and I guess his mom was Asian, but he looks more like his father who isn't Asian. It might be another way of white-washing characters to draw in more of the white population, or they might not have picked up on it. Either way, I didn't see Four as such a white boy next door. Hopefully whoever is cast will be able to pull off Four, I'm always hopeful. Heck, I've been rooting for KStew as Bella since the beginning even when people HATED her (might still). Four is going to be different for everyone and as long as he portrays an unquestionable leader (and is good looking), there shouldn't be too many problems. Who knows who Woodley will have a good connection with? They might cast it on that alone...

  14. I actually thought Brenton Thwaits would look pretty good as Four... Though is was still definitely not how I pictured him, didn't he have darker hair? And I thought he had a tan, hmm...