Books into Movies: The Mortal Instruments (Trailer + New Poster)

TMIposter cropped

It is finally here. A trailer! A real
life trailer with actual scenes! is awesome. I love all of it. Continue reading to fall in love with it too!

So I think I like Jamie Campbell Bower now. I think. I probably need to see a couple more scenes, but with the costumes, the weaponry, I think I have converted. I liked the book, but I think this will be one of the cases where the movie is just so much better. The book is made to be a movie with all the action and lore. The only qualm I have is Clary's hair. I pictured it much brighter. Other than that, I love everything. And who doesn't love the casting for Simon and Alec? 

The new poster is below with the new tagline! Pretty cool!

Below is the first image still of Clary! Again, didn't picture her hair so brown. But it's still awesome!

What do you think? Like the trailer? Is it how you pictured City of Bones? Sound off below!


  1. It looks fabulous. And I like how Clary looks kind of ragged and average in most scenes. Like in the still above? She looks pale and like she needs a few more hours of sleep. When I read the first book years ago, I didn't imagine that going through what she goes through would make you feel good about yourself or about the fate of humanity, so feeling tired and ragged seemed about right - I like that they (even if unintentionally) captured it with her character.

    Also - I'm glad Lilly Collins gets to redeem herself after Mirror Mirror and Abducted. Mirror Mirror had some funny scenes, and Abduction had one really hot make out scene, but besides that, the characters she played were pretty boring. Looks like she'll be kick ass in this! One last thing... it'll be interesting to watch Clary and Jace's scenes up until the reveal at the end and how awkward/hilarious it might be. :)

  2. Does anyone else think that castle in the water looks like Hogwarts?

    1. It reminds me of The Little Mermaid, but darker, haha.

  3. The trailer is slow & boring at the first half... then kind of improves.
    BUT, the poster looks like the 10th Kingdom cover.

  4. It's been some time since I read the books, so the details are a bit lost to me at the moment. But seeing this trailer, it doesn't resemble how I thought it would look like. Till I see some more, I won't know if it's a good or bad thing.... Nonetheless, I will definitely check this movie out once it's in the theaters!