Books into Movies: Hush, Hush (Optioned for Film)

hushhushThis was bound to happen, and I'm actually surprised it hasn't come sooner.

The Hush, Hush saga by Becca Fitzpatrick -- an international sensation about fallen angels -- has been optioned by LD Entertainment for the film rights. Greek creator Patrick Sean Smith will write the screenplay for the first film.

Continue reading to find out who Becca Fitzpatrick wanted to play Nora and Patch and what she thinks about the film.

Becca Fitzpatrick interview from Entertainment Weekly: "'It’s a big month for me,' she exclaimed. 'I’m just trying to handle one thing at a time.' That doesn’t mean she’s not thrilled to see her series getting the movie treatment. 'It’s been in the works for almost a year,' she gushed. 'When I’m writing, I see it very visually in my head, so I feel it will be very easy to adapt,' she said."

Who did Fitzpatrick see as Nora and Patch? Emmy Rossum and Sebastian Strait, although she realizes that it's not possible for them to do it now, so she's leaning towards undiscovered actors.

My thoughts: I'm kind of hesitant about a film adaptation. I know Fitzpatrick is confident about the book being translated into a movie, but I don't think it's the most action-packed story. The best part of the book is honestly Patch, which kind of reminds me of the problem Twilight had. That book should have NEVER been a movie. The whole structure of book totally doesn't work as a film, so the Twilight saga has served more as fan videos for the fans rather than the general public. Hopefully I'm wrong and Hush, Hush doesn't fall victim to this. We'll see.

As for Fitzpatrick's casting choices. I'm actually really surprised by Sebastian Strait. I didn't picture Patch like that at all. I kind of see him as a younger Alexander Skarsgard. Who would your dream cast be?


  1. You know, I am surprised it didn't happen earlier too. I mean, it seems more and more often that books are being options BEFORE the first book is even released. I'll definitely check out the movie, though I still need to finish the last 2 books. Noooo idea who who make a good Patch.

  2. I agree that Hush, Hush wasn't really action-packed, it did have to do with Patch and his presence was about 70% of the story in my opinion. I remember reading it when it came out and couldn't wait for the sequel, but by the time it came out, I had already moved on. I kept the book thinking I'd re-read it when the rest of the series finished, but I haven't heard very much about the series as far as blogging goes and I'm not really curious anymore to see what happens.

    I think I thought of a Lily Collins type female for Nora and for Patch... I think I remember thinking he had short curly hair and sort of like Tyler Posey. Although when I read it, I didn't even know who Tyler Posey was... haha.

    But the great thing about film making is that they could adapt it and focus on a certain aspect of the story, even if it wasn't a major aspect of the book. I remember Nora being in danger from a group of people towards the end of the book - they could heighten that and foreshadow it at the beginning so it makes a nice arc. Who knows! Like I've said before, if a book is adapted to film, I'm going to see it. Doesn't matter if I hated the book or I hate the actors that are cast, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and go see it.

    Thanks for sharing the news!

    1. I think Lily Collins would make an amazing Nora!

    2. I agree, Lily Collins would be great. But she's going to be Clary for TMI, so I doubt they'll use her. Then again Ryan Reynolds double-dipped in the superhero category (Green Lantern, Deadpool) and so did Chris Evans (Fantastic Four, Captain America), so it's possible they'd allow her to do both.

  3. Oh my! This new is a huge surprise for me, I didn't thought they would made a movie (or movies) from it but since I saw Beautiful Creatures movie trailer I think they might be able to do movies with every books/series... As for Sebastian Strait, I liked this actor in The Covenant and I think that he can be a great Patch!

    Thanks for this new!