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Like This, Try This: Featuring...One Tree Hill, Harry Potter, and Blood Red Road

Like This, Try This is a meme designed to introduce YA books that are similar to TV Shows, movies, and other books! It is usually featured on Tuesdays. 

Books into TV: Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris

So many books are being adapted lately! And since pilot season is about to get underway in television land, we can safely assume there will be plenty of YA novels bought for script. We won't know if they make it to pilots, but until then we can be glad that they're in the running! Embrace and The Selection are two big ones up for consideration at the CW. MTV seems to be throwing down the gauntlet by ordering a script for Elizabeth Norris' Unraveling

Kevin Cornish would produce. He's one of the producers behind the movie Are We done Yet?. While that's not my favorite movie I do think that MTV could have a success on their hands. Teen Wolf is one of my favorite scripted shows on television, and this science-fiction tale looks like it would fit nicely into the ensemble.

However, they've done some pretty terrible scripted shows. The remake of Skins was not that great, and I Just Want My Pants Back was equally horrible. Hopefully if this does move on to become a pilot, it is made as well as Teen Wolf!

Two days before the start of her junior year, seventeen-year-old Janelle Tenner is hit by a pickup truck and killed--as in blinding light, scenes of her life flashing before her, and then nothing. Except the next thing she knows, she's opening her eyes to find Ben Michaels, a loner from her high school whom Janelle has never talked to, leaning over her. And even though it isn't possible, she knows--with every fiber of her being--that Ben has somehow brought her back to life.
But her revival, and Ben's possible role in it, is only the first of the puzzles that Janelle must solve. While snooping in her FBI agent father's files for clues about her accident, she uncovers a clock that seems to be counting down to something--but to what? And when someone close to Janelle is killed, she can no longer deny what's right in front of her: Everything that's happened--the accident, the murder, the countdown clock, Ben's sudden appearance in her life--points to the end of life as she knows it. And as the clock ticks down, she realizes that if she wants to put a stop to the end of the world, she's going to need to uncover Ben's secrets--and keep from falling in love with him in the process.

I haven't read the book, but it's now up at the top of my TBR pile. I'm crossing my fingers for a pilot!

What do you think? Interested in a TV show? Have you read Unraveling? Thoughts below!

Books into Movies: Divergent (Potential Cast - Colton Haynes)

divergent 250 square

Casting has officially begun for DivergentShaliene Woodley and Evan Peters are potentials. A few days ago Alexander Ludwig was added to the mix. Hypable now reports that Colton Haynes, from Teen Wolf, could be in talks. It's all very hush, hush. Continue reading for more details. 

Books into Movies: Divergent (Potential Cast - Alexander Ludwig)

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It was just last week that casting has officially begun for Divergent. Shaliene Woodley is in talks for Tris and Evan Peters has the script. Now we can add another potential actor to the roster. Alexander Ludwig has met with the director to talk about having a role as the coveted Four! Continue reading for more details. 

Books into Movies: Beautiful Creatures (From Book to Screen Video Featurette)


Beautiful Creatures has released a teaser trailer, which blew my mind! After an amazing (and slightly spoilerish) video featurette, they have added another video to the mix. This one focuses on adapating the book to screen. It is something that I would have seen on the special features of a DVD, so I'm pretty excited that it was released this early. Continue reading to see the featurette!

Giveaway: Support the YA Book Exchange!

So I recently talked about how I have made a new site: YA Book Exchange. You can read the last post for more details.

I decided to hold giveaways for the YA Book Exchange to increase participation. My plan is for every 100 or so entries of books for trade, I'll have another giveaway. To kick it off I'll be giving away a book from a winner's wishlist. To make it interesting I'm going to pick a book off the list at random, so the book is a surprise in the mail!

It's not a requirement to participate in the YA Book Exchange to enter. Although, more participation means more giveaways in the future.

New Website! YA Book Exchange: A Directory for Trading YA Books

Okay, after a very long weekend I've finally finished a sister-site called YA Book Exchange. I don't trade books often, and that's usually because I don't know who to ask or who has the books I'm looking for. I also know some people that get disappointed by their trades because they receive a book they didn't really want.

The YA Book Exchange is (hopefully) going to make all that easier. It really will depend on people using it and actually wanting to be added to the directory. Even if it doesn't work out like I planned, it's still badass in my opinion :D

Please check it out! Tweet about it! Do what you can to spread the word. I'm still in the process of uploading more of my books for trade, so there are only few up right now. But by the end of the week it should be sparking :)

Let me know what you think in the comments. Bad idea or good idea? That is really the main question ;)

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Blog Tour Stop: Renegade by J.A. Souders (Interview + Giveaway)

Renegade (The Elysium Chronicles, #1)
by J.A. Souders
Series: The Elysium Chronicles #1
Publisher: Tor Teen
Release Date: November 13, 2012

blueflower goodreads  blueflower amazon
Since the age of three, sixteen-year-old Evelyn Winters has been trained to be Daughter of the People in the underwater utopia known as Elysium. Selected from hundreds of children for her ideal genes, all her life she’s thought that everything was perfect; her world. Her people. The Law.

But when Gavin Hunter, a Surface Dweller, accidentally stumbles into their secluded little world, she’s forced to come to a startling realization: everything she knows is a lie. Her memories have been altered. Her mind and body aren’t under her own control. And the person she knows as Mother is a monster.

Together with Gavin she plans her escape, only to learn that her own mind is a ticking time bomb... and Mother has one last secret that will destroy them all.


1. What inspired you to write Renegade
Well, I’ve always wanted to live in an underwater city. I went to school to become a marine biologist and even joined the Navy in the hopes of either starting or living in one. But, well, I never did find that key to Atlantis, so I decided to make one a better way. I’d make it up and write a story around it. After years of scrubbing a ton of manuscripts that just weren’t right because an underwater city would be my version of a utopian society, it finally hit me. I was half watching my son play the video game BIOSHOCK and half watching a documentary on the world’s fascination with perfection. It all meshed in my head and the story was born.

2. How did your writing career begin?
Once upon a time, there was a baby girl born with a pencil and a notebook. She grew up being too nosy for her own good and with too much of an active imagination. :P No, but seriously. I think I’ve always wanted to write. But I don’t think I considered it seriously as a profession until one of my middle school English teachers pulled me off to the side after reading one of the stories I was supposed to write for her class and told me that she really thought I had a knack for writing and would I want to enter this into a contest because she was sure I’d win. I was extremely flattered and I entered. I did end up winning. After that I kept writing and writing, but I was always too afraid to pursue publication until after my daughter was born and my husband convinced me to go ahead and try, because the worst anyone could say was they didn’t want to publish it.

Stacking the Shelves [23]

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews featuring books added to my shelves and sharing my excitement for them.

STS 23

Books into Movies: Divergent (Potential Cast - Evan Peters & Shailene Woodley)

divergent 250 square

Since American Horror Story: Asylum premiered this week, I thought it would be fitting to write a post about Evan Peters, my favorite actor in AHS. In an interview with VH1, Evan Peters revealed that he has the script for Divergent....and Delirium! Those are two popular YA books in the works for adaptation.   On the Tris casting front, Deadline reported that Shailene Woodley is in talks to play the coveted female lead. Continue reading for more details!

Movie Review: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Release Date: September 21, 2012
Actors: Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller
Director: Stephen Chbosky
Genre: Drama (Adapted from book by Stephen Chbosky)
Rating: PG-13
Current Location: In Theaters 

blueflowerresized IMDB  blueflowerresized trailer 
An introvert freshman is taken under the wings of two seniors who welcome him to the real world.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower released as a pinnacle coming of age novel in the early nineties -- nearly the same moment when Krista and I entered the world as wee little babies. I can't say I've read Perks, and I can't say the novel changed my life but I'm pretty positive many can. Going into the film, I'd expected to leave wanting to pick up the novel. But the film's dynamic acting dissuaded me from it -- why ruin a story that I can see so clearly in my head?

Like This, Try This: Featuring...Terminator, What Dreams May Come, and Tuck Everlasting

Like This, Try This is a meme designed to introduce YA books that are similar to TV Shows, movies, and other books! It is usually featured on Tuesdays. 

Trailer Reveal + Giveaway: The Cadet of Tildor by Alex Lidell

The Cadet of Tildor
The Cadet of Tildor
by Alex Lidell
Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers
Release Date: January 10, 2013

blueflower goodreads  blueflower amazon
Tamora Pierce meets George R. R. Martin in this smart, political, medieval fantasy-thriller.

There is a new king on the throne of Tildor. Currents of political unrest sweep the country as two warring crime families seek power, angling to exploit the young Crown's inexperience. At the Academy of Tildor, the training ground for elite soldiers, Cadet Renee de Winter struggles to keep up with her male peers. But when her mentor, a notorious commander recalled from active duty to teach at the Academy, is kidnapped to fight in illegal gladiator games, Renee and her best friend Alec find themselves thrust into a world rife with crime, sorting through a maze of political intrigue, and struggling to resolve what they want, what is legal, and what is right.

Trailer Reveal

I'm so impressed that it was filmed in ITALY! Amazing! I'm so excited to read this book. It sounds like none stop action. Count me in!

Want to know about the cast of the trailer? Visit Alex Lidell's website for more information! 

Stacking the Shelves [22]

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews featuring books added to my shelves and sharing my excitement for them.

STS 21

Mini Pre-Review: The Archived by Victoria Schwab

the archived - banner

The Archived (The Archived, #1) The Archived
by Victoria Schwab
Series: The Archived #1
Publisher: Hyperion
Release Date: January 22, 2013

blueflower goodreads  blueflower amazon
Imagine a place where the dead rest on shelves like books.

Each body has a story to tell, a life seen in pictures that only Librarians can read. The dead are called Histories, and the vast realm in which they rest is the Archive.

Da first brought Mackenzie Bishop here four years ago, when she was twelve years old, frightened but determined to prove herself. Now Da is dead, and Mac has grown into what he once was, a ruthless Keeper, tasked with stopping often-violent Histories from waking up and getting out. Because of her job, she lies to the people she loves, and she knows fear for what it is: a useful tool for staying alive.

Being a Keeper isn't just dangerous-it's a constant reminder of those Mac has lost. Da's death was hard enough, but now her little brother is gone too. Mac starts to wonder about the boundary between living and dying, sleeping and waking. In the Archive, the dead must never be disturbed. And yet, someone is deliberately altering Histories, erasing essential chapters. Unless Mac can piece together what remains, the Archive itself might crumble and fall.

A copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review

Mini Pre-Review

I'm doing a mini pre-review because my full review for The Archived will be posted closer to the release date, but I finished it and wanted people to know my thoughts before then. So I'll be sharing three reasons why The Archived is one of my favorite reads of the year.

1. Mackenzie Bishop. An amazing main character who is both kickass and beautifully flawed. I loved her so much and would stay inside her head any day.

Books into Movies: The Mortal Instruments (Behind the Scenes Video)


The Mortal Instruments filming is under way and so MTV has released a behind the scenes video featuring Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace and the rest of the cast. It's pretty awesome, and we get to see a very brief shot of a clip. Continue reading to watch the video!

Books into Movies: Black City (Optioned for Film)

Black-City squared

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Elizabeth Richards' Black City has been optioned for film by Screen Gems. This is big news considering Black City hasn't even been released yet. It's set for a November 13th release date by a Penguin imprint. Screen Gems is looking for a screenwriter, and the news makes it seem like they really want to move quickly with the project. Continue reading for more about Black City!

Books into Movies: Beautiful Creatures (Video Featurette with New Scenes!)


Beautiful Creatures has already released a teaser trailer, which is fantastic! But now they have added a featurette to the mix. I've watched it already and while it is amazing, I must warn you that they show a ton of scenes! If you don't want to be super spoiled, then I would venture at your own risk. Continue reading to see the featurette!

Like This, Try This: Featuring....Sherlock, Midnight Express, and Just Listen

Like This, Try This is a meme designed to introduce YA books that are similar to TV Shows, movies, and other books! It is usually featured on Tuesdays. 

Stacking the Shelves [21]

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews featuring books added to my shelves and sharing my excitement for them.


      Hemlock (Hemlock, #1)     Immortal City (Immortal City, #1) 

The Name of the Star (Shades of London, #1)     The Assassin's Curse (The Assassin's Curse, #1)

click book cover for goodreads

We made a pit-stop at Barnes&Noble this weekend, which was a bad idea...and a great one. We were able to pick up The Name of the Star, which I have been dying to read. Becca surprised me with Hemlock and I surprised her with The Immortal City. As you may know, Becca has become a full time reviewer but we will be sharing a Stacking the Shelves post because we share books...the horror! No, it works (and saves us a ton of money). 

I also must vent my frustration with Barnes&Noble. I hate that store. They never carry a wide selection of books and only carry the most recent book in most series. After Borders closed I've been seriously hating the bookstore, and every time I go home for the weekend I jump up and down with glee that I can go to a Books-a-Million. Yes, it's so much better. For one, they carry so many more books.

So fellow followers, do you have the same issue with Barnes&Noble or is it my store that needs a serious renovation of the Teen section? Thoughts below!

New Blog Design. New Full-Time Reviewer. New Giveaway!

Okay, so some of you may notice a change to Nawanda Files. There have been two MAJOR updates recently. I'll start with the most obvious one. Nawanda Files has a new design!

Hafsah over at Icey Books is a wizard, magician, and maybe even has gone to Hogwarts because she pulled out some magic on this blog! She's seriously amazing and super helpful. If you ever want a new or improved blog design I'd recommend her a thousand times. 

Now some of you may be scratching your heads because I did get a new design over the summer. And I really did like it. Take a look at the old one below. 

It's very cute, but also very me. Which brings me to my next set of news. 

There is a new full time blogger at Nawanda Files! My twin sister, Becca, has been promoted from a guest reviewer. Yay! So you will be seeing her around the blog much more now. The plan is by the end of next year she'll be taking it over completely. 

Which is why we needed a new blog design to reflect both of us. I love this design so much because it's clean and cute...and did you check out those social media icons. ROLL OVER THEM and BE AMAZED! Hafsah is a magician. No doubt. 

Now time for an epic giveaway for our (I'm going to have to get used to writing in plural possessive) epic new design. 
Open Internationally as long as The Book Depository ships to you. 
Winner will receive a choice of book up to $12
It ends November 1st

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Books into Movies: Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 2 (New Poster)


A brand new poster featuring Edward Cullen, Bella, and Jacob running in a frost-bitten landscape has just been released. Continue reading for my thoughts on the image and the full poster of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Blog Tour Stop: Going Under by Georgia Cates (Spotlight + Giveaway)

goingundertourbanner - small

Going Under (Going Under, #1)
Going Under
by Georgia Cates
Series: Going Under #1
Release Date: March 10, 2012

blueflower goodreads   blueflower amazon
Jessie Boone is a self proclaimed bad boy and doesn’t march to the beat of anyone’s drum, but his own. Growing up in less than desirable circumstances has made him no stranger to the hard knock life and his determination to leave it behind is fierce. When he finds himself transferred to East Franklin High School, he sees his opportunity to use his athletic ability to snag a college football scholarship, but Forbes Henderson, the player Jessie means to replace isn’t giving up his spot willingly. 

Like This, Try This: Featuring...Supernatural, Defiance, and X-Men: First Class

Like This, Try This is a meme designed to introduce YA books that are similar to TV Shows, movies, and other books! It is usually featured on Tuesdays. 

Robot Recommendation of September: The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

robotrecommendation-sept 250

There were so many great books in Septmber, but only one could convince me to pre-order a copy immediatly after I read an ARC. Which is why The Raven Boys by Maffie Stiefvater is Robot Certified & Recommended on Nawanda Files.

Books into TV: Poll for The Selection vs Embrace on the CW (2013-14 TV)

The Selection (The Selection, #1)
So many of you may know that The Selection by Kiera Cass almost made it to the CW last year but was cut for the current 2012 pilots Beauty & the Beast, Emily Owens M.D., Arrow, Cult, and The Carrie Diaries. My sister, who works for the CW69 was lucky enough to see all the pilots in advance. She says that they were all solid but wishes that The Selection was chosen over Beauty & the Beast. Alas, this did not occur. Fear not YA readers! There is still hope! The president of the CW mentioned that they may film it again for the 2013-2014 season. According to Spoiler TV this is indeed happening and filming will begin sometime in 2013.

Kiera Cass also confirmed the news on twitter!

I was really bummed that The Selection didn't make the list this year, but I'm excited to see it in the running for the 2013-14 season. It will join Embrace by Jessica Shirvington, which was optioned a couple of weeks ago by the CW. My spidey senses say that only one YA book will make the roster next year. Which one would you prefer? Poll time!