Books into Movies: Catching Fire (New Image Stills)

katniss and finnick

There has been a crazy amount of Catching Fire news, but since this is such a huge franchise and widely popular we have to be selective on what we post, or else this blog would turn into a Hunger Games fansite :) So we're going to update with the image stills and if you want to know detailed HG information then I would suggest heading for to The Hob. Which has a great day-by-day update on everything Hunger Games. 

Lionsgate released an official poster and some hi-res stills. So continue reading to check those out!

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Image Credit:  MURRAY CLOSE

Love, love this duo. But I wonder if they are going to have sexual tension. Was there any in the book? I can't remember because it's been so long since I read it. And maybe someone can explain to me what the sugar cube scene is because I can't remember and it keeps being brought up in interviews!

And if you didn't hear, Jennifer Lawrence won a Golden Globe last night for Best Actress in a Comedy for Silver Linings Playbook. Her Catching Fire co-star congratulated her on twitter! So I will leave all you Hunger Game fanatics with that!

What do you think? Like the casting? How sexy is that image of Finnick and Katniss? Loving Sam Claflin even more? Sound off below!


  1. I cannot wait! Finnick looks awesome!


  2. The sugar cube scene?! It's my favorite scene ever!! It's on page209 of the hardcover. It takes place right before the opening ceremonies. Finnick walks up to Katniss wearing practically nothing and sexily offers her a sugar cube. I love Finnick <3

    1. Thank you! I wish I could have remembered it, lol :) I know it's everyone's favorite scene. I need to reread Catching Fire before the movie!

  3. I was so angry when they announced Claflin was going to play Finnick but now that we've got some official stills I'm warming up to the idea. I still will hold final judgement until we see some footage though! I totally forgot about the sugar cube scene too. Haha. I didn't for book one, but I really think I need to re-read book two before the movie comes out. I keep blurring 2 and 3's plot points because I read them back-to-back.