Books into Movies: Divergent - 3 More Actors Will Test for Four (Casting)

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The race to find Four is still underway! Shaliene Woodley has already been cast as Tris, so many actors are now screen testing with her. Two more guys have been added to the four currently in the running, and one actor will test with Shaliene twice. Continue reading for details!

According to Variety, Alex Pettifyer and Jeremy Irvine will test with Shaliene for a chance to be Four! Let's first start with Alex Pettifer, shall we? We all know him as the hunky actor who has played in so many YA book adaptations. Beastly, Alex Rider, and I am Number Four. Most recently he starred in Magic Mike to play a male stripper. In the YA blogger community (as far as I know) Alex Pettyfer is usually the go-to for dream casts. Everyone wanted him in The Mortal Instruments. So I'm sure he will be a favorite for Four.

In my opinion...I just don't see him as Four. And with his rumored "attitude" on sets, I have grown to dislike him as an actor. So he's not my first choice. Plus, can't he give another guy a chance  to play a lead in a YA book. I think he's had is run with I am Number Four and Beastly. But again, those are just my opinions. 

Now, Jeremy Irvine is best know for his role in War Horse. He's not exactly how I pictured Four, but I think that he's a great actor. I wouldn't be upset with this casting!

The actor who seems to be the frontrunner (he will test TWICE with Shaliene) is Lucas Till. He was Havok in X-Men: First Class. Again, not how I pictured Four. But I actually like Till over Irvine if it came down to a War Horse vs. X-Men battle. 

Don't forget there were four other guys who auditioned with Shaliene already. They're still in the running! The actors include Lucas Till, Luke Bracey, Brenton Thwaits, and Jack Reynor. 

So who do you want to play Four out of the six guys? My heart is still saying Jack Reynor. He's Irish after all, and who doesn't love an accent. (Though I'm sure he wouldn't have one in the movie). 

Who's your choice: Alex Pettyfer, Jeremy Irvine, Lucas Till, Brenton Thwaits, Luke Bracey, or Jack Reynor? Leave your vote in the comments!


  1. I agree with you, I just google'd all of them and I have to say, Jack Reynor fits Four best. The others just doesn't work.
    & wow, I was a major fan of Alex Pettifyer, but after reading what you said about him, no thanks.

  2. I like Reynor, he gives me a Four vibe. And Lucas Till is nice to look at :) Either of them would be a good choice.

  3. I completely agree with you about Alex Pettifyer, his attitude (and to be honest his role in Magic Mike) make me think he's not great for YA adaptions.

    I'm a big fan of Jack Reynor as well. I think he's the most like how I pictured four.

  4. I kind of like Alex Pettyfer, but if what you just said about him is true, I'm not sure that I like him anymore. I'm not a fan of the awful attitude, LOL. Ooh! Just looked at the picture of Jack Reynor-- he's cute! I like him, LOL. I guess I'll have to vote for him, because I was sold when you said "Irish". I love their accents! They're fab! (:

    Megan@The Book Babe

  5. Honestly, I hope they don't cast Alex Pettyfer as Four cause he has a bad reputation and bad temper. He actually demanded $10 million dollars to play Jace in the Mortal Instrument movie! I agree that Jack Reynor will play a perfect Four!

  6. mmm. I agree with you about Alex Pettyfer - and while Jeremy Irvine is a great actor and really cute I don't think he'd be my top choice for Four. But I wouldn't be upset about it. Jack Reynor is my top choice. (:

  7. Jack Reynor seems to be everyone's choice! And I agree. He is the closest to Four! Alex Pettyfer doesn't fit fours character at all. I don't care for his acting much. Sure he's hot, but bad attitiudes are NOT attractive, in my eyes. And Four is suppost to be a badass attractive dude! All HAIL JACK RAYNOR! (If he doesnt get the part, I will probablly get really sad.)

  8. Alex Pettyfer is something else. He turns down an offer to be Jace and then some other movie all because he wanted to avoid YA fare...and now he wants to do it again?! Ummmm no. Dude has a BAD ATTITUDE. :(

  9. I still want Lucas!

    And Alex: PLEASE GOD NO. Regardless of his bad attitude I think he's a bad actor. I Am Number Four had franchise potential that I felt was wasted for multiple reasons including Alex's lack of acting skills.