Books into Movies: Divergent (Kate Winslet in Talks, Actor Test for Caleb, and Interviews)

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Casting has been heating up these past few weeks. More actors are testing for Four. Now someone has confirmed that he tested for Caleb! Continue reading for an interview with Shaliene Woodley (that makes be kind of furious) and the best news there is...hint, hint, it's about KATE WINSLET... 

Image Credit: Andrea Raffin

Let's start with the absolute best news. According to Variety, Kate Winslet is in talks for a role in Divergent. What role? Well that's still to be determined. Of course there aren't that many older female roles except for Tris' mom and then the leader of the Eurdite faction, Jeanine Matthews. So which one do you think she's in consideration for? Personally, I think she would be a great villain!

Next Luke Kleintank has confirmed via Twitter that he tested for Caleb, Tris' brother. He's known for roles in Gossip Girl and Bones. I actually pictured Caleb just like him, so I'd be thrilled with this casting choice. 
Now comes the not so great news. Shaliene Woodley had a couple of interviews where she discussed why she chose the role and her thoughts on who should play Four. Honestly, she just really rubs me the wrong way. Even though I didn't picture Tris like her, I gave her the benefit of the doubt. But I don't think there's a chance that she'll blow me away as much as Jennifer Lawrence did.

Here's some quotes from her interviews at MTV:

“I didn’t [read the book prior to auditioning]. I read the book – I thought it was really… my whole thing, to be honest, was that I never wanted to do big films. Especially one that was similar to Hunger Games or Twilight. Something with a huge fan base that would carry on for multiple years.”

“After reading the book I was really profoundly moved. [The book is] very metaphorical for things that are going on today. Specifically things that I’m passionate about, and things I want to make public, and things I want to educate people on. So I think it’s a really great platform.”

“In Divergent people are injected with this serum and then controlled by it. And I think it’s really funny that right now we’re beginning to chip our dogs and chip our babies. That’s just a small example, I could go on for hours. There’s also mind control that gets dealt with in Divergent – that’s going on today, nobody knows about that.”

“The thing about Four is that he has to be a man. No feminine actors, please." 

I'm really not sure what she was talking about with the whole "educating" people about mind control. It blows my mind, and really makes me question the casting choice.

What do you think about the casting choices? Like Kate Winslet? Are you a Shaliene Woodley fan? Sound off below!!


  1. Kate Winslet: YES. I will watch anything film she is in.

    Mind control: WTF?

    I'm really open about actors when they get cast for book adaptions and I loved Woodley in The Descendants, so I'm not too worried. It just feels so wrong when actors don't think about their responses before they answer questions about the role/book. This is how Kristen Stewart was at the beginning of the Twilight franchise and it drove me crazy. You're allowed to have your own personality and opinions as an actor, but during promotion, you have to be 100% supporting of the movie/book and you can't come out with stupid crap like, "I didn't read the book, I don't really want to be apart of something huge like a multi-million dollar budget film and blah blah". It makes me think you aren't dedicated to doing the part justice and that you're probably just doing this for the big bucks.

    I wouldn't blame any actor for doing it solely for the money because it's a lucrative business where your acting can earn you top dollar, but you have to at least put SOME effort into fooling us about how much you're into the role.

    This is why I love Jennifer Lawrence more and more each day. She is so down to earth in all her interviews and answers honestly and heartfelt. I remember one of her interviews where she explains a conversation she had with her mother about not wanting to do a big budget film because she wanted to stick to films with a good story, not the budget. Her mom told her that turning down a good story/script just because it has a budget/expectation attached to it would be hypocritical of her and she realized it was true and admitted it. She could finish the Hunger Games movies and then only film indies and I would watch all of them because she has proven herself to be a valuable actor on and off screen.

    Also - I really wish they'd just choose Four already. Doesn't filming start in a couple of months? Way to give the guy time to learn his lines!

    Finally - that Luke guy for Caleb? Yes. I like him on Bones and he looks like someone who could pull off a distant but really double agent type brother that the film needs.

    Just kidding, one last thing. If they don't dye Woodley's hair blonde or a really light brown (like blonde, haha) there's a 50% chance I'll boycott the film. It's such a significant part of who Tris is and who she becomes and it says a lot about our culture and how shallow we can be. Little things like this are reasons I love seeing book to movie adaptions. Stuff that doesn't really need to be focused on, but it's special when you notice it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thiiiiis is why my family doesn't like talking to me about books&book to movie adaptions. I can go on and on.

    2. As always, I LOVE your comments! Totally agree about the Shaliene Woodely stuff. She's not doing any service promoting the movie by having interviews like that. And I remember JLaw's interview about why she took the movie (because her mother reminded her that she would look at the script and not the price tag) and she seems so much more down to earth than Woodely. I mean, educating people about mind control??? Seriously, she needs to actually read the book.

      Filming starts in April. It's scheduled to release in May 2014. So I think they'll have to choose Four soon. Hopefully.

      I agree, they need to dye her hair blonde. They need to do something! If she can't be short then she has to look like Tris somehow. And I agree it's very significant aspect of the film, especially appearance wise as she slowly conforms to Dauntless.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sallie!!

    3. Woodley isn't short, but she does look small on screen. Atleast she has that going for her. hopefully over the term of the movies in the trilogy if she's a part of all 3 movies, show her how to better think through her answers and make it seem like she actually does care about being a part of it. and now that I think about it, I do think it's a good thing they're taking awhile to figure out who four is going to be because it is really important character to a lot of us and he needs to be perfect.

  2. So excited about the Kate Winslet news. And I didn't hear about Luke testing for Caleb til now but I'm for it! I'm okay with the wait for Four if it means they are really looking at all their options.

    As someone who isn't a fan of Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace, the quote about not wanting a feminine actor for Four made me laugh. I don't know why but that is the first thing I thought of. Hope they gt it right.

    1. I know, I love Kate Winslet. And high profile actors will boost the cred of this movie for sure. It's so funny because I was thinking about Jamie Campbell Bower too from that quote! He is a very feminine actor, and not at all how I pictured Jace. It was actually one of the few things that I agreed with in Woodley's interview.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sara!

  3. Kate Winslet is someone I could imagine playing Jeanine! I saw the comment about Jamie Campbell and while I wasn't blown away by his performance in Camelot, I really liked his acting style in the trailer. The trailer actually made me read the books :p so they did a great job with that, haha.

    To be honest.. That girl annoys me. And I'm really scared that they are going to mess up this movie and the awesome story..


  4. Mind control? Did she even understand the book? I am going to keep an open mind, because I have really high hopes for this movie. Oh, and I would love to see Kate Winslet in this. She always does fabulous. *old school Titanic fan* I just pray they don't cast a small wimpy guy for Four.

  5. I'll never be happy with Shailene as Tris but at least we have Kate now. I'd love to see her in the villainous role! Switch things up and all. I'm glad that their taking their time to get the perfect "Four" but I really want to know who it is D: