Books into Movies: If I Stay (Chloe Grace Moretz Cast In Lead Role)

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Amazing news for fans of Gayle Forman's If I Stay, a 2009 tearjerker about a girl in a coma, deciding whether she wants to stay and live or leave. Not only is a director in talks but Mia has been cast! According to Variety, Chloe Grace Moretz will  lead the movie, produced by Lionsgate. Continue reading for more details!

Image Credit: Tom Sorensen
I'm not surprised that the movie is moving forward considering the amazing reviews and hype surrounding it! The only shock is that it hasn't happened sooner. Originally, Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke was set to direct and Dakota Fanning was attached as Mia in 2010. Now everything has been shaken up and Chlow Grace Moretz will lead.

Chloe Grace Moretz's best known for her role as Hit Girl in Kick-Ass and will be starring as the lead in the upcoming horror remake of Carrie. I think she's an amazing actress, and I love that she'll finally be in a YA book adaptation. Nashville's executive producer, RJ Cutler, is in talks to direct the film.

I haven't read the book because I need to be in the mood for such an emotional read, but it's sitting on my bookshelf! I'm very excited that it's making progress! Hopefully more updates will happen soon!

What do you think? Have you read If I Stay? Who would you want to play Adam? Happy about the switch from Fanning to Moretz as Mia? Sound off below! 


  1. Oh! I like Chloe much better than Dakota - and I'm liking the director change as well. I think my only thing is that she's so young - well 15, but still. Mia's supposed to be 17, but I guess they won't be filming for awhile! And for Adam? I have NO idea. But I'm exciting this is moving forward!!

  2. Finally! They're casting a girl for a YA role that is ACTUALLY the right age! I get so annoyed with actresses being in their 20's and playing a teenager. Sometimes, it just doesn't work for me. Changes the tone of the movie completely, even though I still enjoy it.

    And Chloe is my favorite young actress. She does a fantastic job. She's got sarcasm down pat and she's so darn cute!

  3. Everywhere I look there's another YA-adaption!! Haha. I'm not familiar with this book but I love Chloe.