Golden Globes 2013 - My Review

I realized about a week ago that one of my very first posts on Nawanda Files was a Golden Globes 2012 review almost a full year ago. In honor of that, I thought I'd whip up a  review of last night's Golden Globes. So bookish people, bear with me while I transform into the movie-obsessed freak that I am.

My experience watching the awards season last year was pure annoyance. I'm not a fan of Meryl Streep or The Artist so when both seemed to sweep the awards, it drove me utterly mad. Last night the Globe's kicked off the season so much better. I have to say, I'm holding out hope for the Oscars this year.

Let's dive into some of the highlights of last night. First off, if you don't know the Golden Globes are much more of a laid back affair than the Academy Awards. The attendees sit at tables and get to drink and be pretty loose. So it's a lot more fun! Ricky Gervais has been the King of hosting the award show with his outlandish jokes. But in 2012, it wasn't as great as the times before. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, from SNL, were phenomenal last night! All the jokes were hilarious.

Favorite Jokes From the Hosts:
  1. The bit about Taylor Swift needing to stay away from Michael J. Fox's son. (Agreed!) 
  2. Commenting on Kathryn Bigelow's 4 year marriage to James Cameron as torture. “Kathryn Bigelow’s nominated tonight. I haven’t really been following the controversy over Zero Dark Thirty, but when it comes to torture, I trust the lady who spent three years married to James Cameron.”  (Jessica Chastain's face at the table was priceless!)
  3. How Anne Hatheway's co-hosting gig failed at the Oscars. “Anne Hathaway, you gave a stunning performance in Les Miserables. I have not seen someone so totally alone and abandoned like that since you were on stage with James Franco at the Oscars.”
Biggest Surprises: 
  • There really is only once surprise. Ben Affleck. Snubbed by the Academy Awards (Argo was nominated 7 times but he didn't get a Best Director nom) he not only won Best Director in the Globes but took home the biggest award of the night for Best Picture. He got a standing ovation when he won Best Director, and the recognition he deserved. Argo was honestly one of my favorite movies of the year. It tied with the brilliant Zero Dark Thirty. As Becca says, the CIA won big this year. 

Biggest Snubs: 
  1. Mandy Patikin from Homeland should have won for Best Supporting Actor - TV Drama. Instead he lost to Ed Harris  from Game Change. Have seen both, and I think Mandy should have smoked the competition. 
  2. Amy Poehler should have finally been recognized for her role as the awesome Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreations. But the critics have fallen in love with Lena Dunham from Girls. I like both shows. But I thought it was Poehler's year. 

Favorite Winners:
Hollywood Foreign Press Association did get it right this year in terms of big winners. Here are some of my absolute favorites. Gushing will ensue...
  1. Jessica Chastain - Best Actress Drama (Zero Dark Thirty) - I recently saw this movie and it is beyond amazing. Her performance is incredible, and considering her phenomenal past roles in The Help and The Debt. I'd say this is well deserved. 
  2. Jennifer Lawrence - Best Actress Comedy (Silver Linings Playbook) - The book blogging world may know her better as Katniss Everdeen but I first saw her as the tough girl from the mountain in Winter's Bone. She's such a great actress, and I have a serious girl crush on her
  3. Adele - Best Original Song (Skyfall) - Such a great song! Love this artist so much. Can't wait for her Oscar win!
  4. Ben Affleck - Best Director (Argo) - Already mentioned this one. But I think it needs to be mentioned again. The suck! 

WTF? Moments: 
There were some jokes that were left flat and some speeches that left me scratching my head. So here are the two that make the list. 
  1. Sasha Baron Cohen made some really awful jokes. One about Helen Bonham Carter giving a massage with a "happy ending" and then the worst about co-star Anne Hathaway's wardrobe malfunction a few weeks ago. No. Just No. Oh and he was presenting Best Animated Movie, which was even weirder. 
  2. Jodie Foster won the Cecil B. DeMille award. She got on stage and had a heartfelt speech that turned into a lecture about privacy and Hollywood. Totally agree with what she was saying, but not sure this was the platform to say it. 

Great night with great hosts! Couldn't have asked for better results. Very glad Lincoln didn't sweep the awards, since other movies were much better this season. I'll leave all of you with one last and very important gif, expressing how much I truly love JLaw. 


  1. This was definitely one of the best awards show I have seen. Amy and Tina were killing it and I almost wish they were around a bit more. Unfortunately, I have not seen any of the movies or tv shows nominated. The tv shows are usually all on the wrong channels that I don't get and I don't get to the movies enough. I did feel awful when Ben was snubbed from an Oscar nom because I had heard how amazing the movie was and all the buzz that he would be a contender. Him winning last night was perfect.

    The two parts you mentioned not liking are exactly the moments I did not care for either. I actually left the room halfway through Jodie's speech because it was so long and very awkward.

    A few people on twitter last night were dissing Jennifer Lawrence and her supposed dis to Meryl. It was a joke that I am SURE Meryl laughed about PLUS it was a quote from The First Wives Club. I wish more people saw the hilarity in that and would give her a break.

    Great recap!

    1. I agree that people are freaking out WAY too much over Jennifer Lawrence's comment. I thought it was funny and she didn't mean it seriously. I didn't know it was a quote from The First Wives Club, but that makes it even more awesome!!!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I loved Tina & Amy's jokes (a character so dynamic that has represented Iron Man in 3 different movies!!), plus Jennifer Lawrence speech.

    Also, yep, Jodi Foster's thing was very wtf-ish, though the faces of some on the audience were priceless-ssss. (Plus Robert Downey Jr. make it almost worth it.)

  3. I loved the GGs this year! I didn't even plan on watch the whole thing and then I did. So thrilled for Ben Affleck and J-Law. I really want to see Argo and SLP.

    The Taylor Swift joke was seriously the best thing. I mean I love her and her music, but that was just TOO perfect!

    Thanks for the recap!

  4. JennLaw is my girl crush TOO! She's fabulous. Probs gonna catch the golden globes when it's on youtube... can't stand commercials.

  5. Totally agree with you about the Academy snub! My grandma and I were talking about it this morning... she was outraged! haha. And that Taylor Swift joke? HA. Best thing ever - well not ever, but it was pretty high up.

    And don't worry. I think we all have girl crushes on Jennifer Lawrence at this point.

    Great post!!

  6. <3 J.L. 'nuff said

    I actually forgot that the GGs was on the other night. Instead I was watching Once Upon A Time & Revenge. Shame on me! D: