One Year Blogoversary: Giveaway!

Krista has relinquished the task of writing this post to me -- Becca. Partly because she's busy reading False Memory right now and partly because she's planning to fix the formatting anyway when I finish. She's neurotic like that. I know everyone says, "I can't believe it's been a year!" But I think Krista and I both feel like it's been so much longer than that. We were "followers" before we started our own blog. Some of our favorites are no more -- like iswimforoceans. But we never expected anyone would read what we wrote. I predicted that maybe like five people would stop by, and we certainly never believed we would be reading ARCs. That really has been a perk to blogging because we started this, first and foremost, to be more connected to the YA community, which is pretty much the most fantastic thing since the invention of television. 

Keep reading for the creation of the blog, bloggers we adore, our favorite reviews and tweets this year, and the biggest giveaway we've EVER done! 

If you can believe it, the blog first appeared two years ago around this same time. Krista asked me to whip up a blog like our favorites, but she wanted to tackle both movie and book reviews since we're big cinephiles. Thus, Nawanda Files was born with Krista's idea to make the background a combo of robots and rockets. I picked out the name because as children Krista and I created silly nicknames. We wanted to be as cool as all the characters we saw on television and film. I was Nawanda -- graced with a boy's name from the Dead Poet's Society. And Krista was Eskimo -- not really a name, but we went with it -- from Heathers (it's a line from the movie when they're reading Moby Dick). Two weeks from the initiation, Krista slowly stopped posting. 

And that's when I figured she'd never return to it. But something happened. Not sure what, but Krista jumped back into blogging exactly one year later. And she posted so regularly that people started actually reading what she wrote -- and commenting! Crazy, I know. I helped a little with maintenance on the blog since I was familiar with CSS and HTML. After a couple months, Krista -- the wizard that she is -- can practically create things out of HTML that I cannot. She's surpassed the teacher. So that's how Nawanda Files came to be. 

We've also gone through quite a few blog designs. So you can see the evolution of Nawanda Files below:

The First Design: 
A robot theme but ultimately very distracting with a bland black header. 

The Second Design:
The header was very cute, but also very Krista. When we merged together we decided to get a blog deisgn that represented both of us. 

Our Design Now!

It's bright. It's clean. It's beautiful. Thanks to Hafsah at Icey Designs the third one came out just right! (We're like the Three Bears over here) 

We've met loads of awesome bloggers -- so many, that I know I'll hit myself over the head forgetting a name or two tomorrow. Basically anyone who participates in YA Book Exchange -- we love you, we really do. So all of these names *hugs tightly* you're awesome.

Specifically, there's some bloggers who've just made our time at Nawanda Files so worth while. And I know if we met off of cyberspace, we'd be good friends.

Lauren @ The Book Slayer: Our preferences for books are spot on -- and Lauren pretty much loves The CW as much as we do. I personally didn't think that was possibly. Especially since I work at The CW, and I'm a little bit freakish in my devotion compared to other employees. But I'm so glad that we've become bloggy friends so we can gush over The CW and our latest YA reads. Blogging definitely wouldn't be as much fun without her. 

Lili @ Lili's Reflections: I met Lili when I needed Beta Readers for a book that I'm pursuing publication for (right now it's in revision while another book is on submission for agents -- a scary process for sure). And Lili was one of my favorites for her great critiques and comments. Since then, we've kept in touch and her blog has quickly become one of my favorites to stalk. She's incredibly generous and dedicated to the YA community -- as seen by ARCycling, which she runs. [Krista Adds: And anyone who loves YA Book Exchange can thank Lili! My first trade ever was with her and the inspiration for the entire site :) ]

Nikki @ Fiction Freak: Again, I met Nikki by Beta Reading. And we've kept in contact through chat for a while. She's such a fantastic young girl, and by staying friends with her, I've felt more connected to the YA community. She knows a lot of people, and I feel like she's sometimes my liason into what's happenin' in the blogosphere.

Sallie @ Reading is in my Blood: Like Lauren, I think our preferences for books are pretty dang close. And both Krista and I absolutely love discussing books and movie news with Sallie. She's become a loyal follower, and someone I look forward to taking with. She's purely awesome. 

More: Allison @ Abibliophobic (love her kickass blog design), Tabitha @ Tabitha's Book Blog (reviews I stalk), and Sara @ Forever 17 Books (her Friday memes are awesome, also a blog design to covet!)

All of you -- bloggers and followers -- are reasons why we started Nawanda Files in the first place. Sure, we like writing the posts, but we want to talk about them with other fans of the genre. And it's all of you that made this possible. Thank you all, so much. 

We now choose each other's favorites from the blog!

Book Reviews 
Krista: Scarlet
Becca: Unraveling

Twin Takedown 
(we've only done two, but more to come really soon!)
Krista: The Selection
Becca: Tiger Lily

Movie Reviews 
Becca: Bachelorette

Favorite Recent Tweets
(we were quite delirious near final exams in December)


Our Bookshelves 
(just because) 


What you've been waiting for! The Giveaway of all Nawanda Files Giveaways! We're giving away a mystery box of books. We'll give you a tease of what's in it: the ENTIRE Darkest Powers Trilogy (The Summoning, The Awakening, and The Reckoning) by Kelley Armstrong PLUS The Gathering which is the first in the spinoff. We'll also throw some ARCs in! The rest, you'll have to win to find out!

US Addresses Only
Giveaway ends February 26th!

Fill out the rafflecopter to enter. And much thanks to all of our followers and any traders at the YA Book Exchange. You guys rock!

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  1. Congrats you two! Happy one year and here's to many more!

  2. Happy Blogoversary!
    And thanks for this amazing giveaway :)

  3. Happy Blogoversary!
    And thanks for this giveaway :)

  4. Happy Blogoversary guys! I've enjoyed reading your reviews, learning more about blogging and of course the YA Book Exchange (I'm slightly addicted!)! AND thanks for introducing me to Hafsah! Great job guys and I cant' wait to see what you come out with next year :)

  5. Happy Blogoversary!!!

    I love hearing back stories on how everyone came to blogging. I also was a follower for quite some time before I made the leap and opened my own. I actually found you girls from your 2nd blog design, as I was waiting for my own makeover from Lea at the time. I am so happy to have met you girls and your blog. I love how you do movie and casting posts too. And thank you so much for the mention! <333

  6. Wow you have only been around for a year?! For some reason I thought it was longer than that. Congrats!!

    1. Technically, we've been around for 2 years, but fairly, we've been around for one (since we didn't start actively blogging until then). Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST BLOGOVERSARY! I hope that this next year brings you lots of bloggish fun and plenty of pretty books! ;) Loves to y'all! (:

  8. Happy blogoversary, may you have many successful blogging years! :)

  9. Congrats on 2 year your blog spot. Contrst ends day after my birthday..(hint-hint). Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  10. Happy one year! <3 I remember your very first blog design because you were one of the very first blogs I followed haha <3 And I went through all of them with you and have loved them all for different reasons! I also want to thank you for the lovely shout out, guys <3 You two obviously mean the world to me as well! I got REALLY excited when I learned that Becca would be part of Nawanda Files because you two are just awesome, I stuck you both on my favorite people ever list back when I celebrated my 6 months. I'm not at a year yet, but damn, I can't wait to get there! I don't think I'll have 1300 followers at that point like you two though. Your amazingness level can't be matched.

    Excited to read the fixed up version of THE PERFECT MADNESS!

    And fingers crossed for this giveaway ;) Going for some books for the kiddos in my charity.

  11. Happy one year!! :D I've loved all your blog designs, but I love the one you have right now the most. I don't know you guys on a very person level - but I do know that I stalk your blog on a regular basis and I send all of your movie news links to my friends. (: And thank you for the shout-out. You're incredible. (:

    Hope you have many more years of happy blogging. (:

  12. Happy Blogoversary Krista and Becca! Or should I say Eskimo and Nawanda... ;)

    After reading this post, I just learned so much more about the both of you. I LOVE that you guys had clever and intellectual nicknames when you were younger. Heathers and Dead Poet's Society are two very insightful and excellent movies, so you've just further proving the point that you both have rocked since little kid land!

    Also - how do you guys keep your bookshelves so neat?! Mine is full of rando stuff that I don't know where else to put (I'm talking ramen, cereal, a tiki cup, winter hats, every receipt known to man kind...). Even though I could seriously benefit from having a desk (my room is way too small for one, so I work on my bed - which is mad comfy so it's all good), I would go crazy with having to clean it all the time. I mean, I read Real Simple magazine for organizing tips and I still clutter up any and all areas. For the time being, I'm blaming it on my lack of space. I have everything all in one room here at my Grandma's house. Ok, so enough about my room, haha.

    Honestly, I can't remember if I found your blog or if you guys found me, but I am so happy to have known you guys over the interwebs and to this day, you are my favorite blog. of all time. You have book news, movie news, sassy reviews of both! Also - even having over 1,300 followers, you guys reply to pretty much every comment on all of your posts. Ya'll say you go to college, but I'm thinking it's just a cover so you can continue being blog goddesses and making awesome stuff even more awesome for us blog mortals. I'm keeping my eye on you girls... but not too closely cause HELLO Georgia is way far from where I am and I'm lazy :P.

    I just want to keep rambling about your blog because anyone I talk to about it outside of my computer asks me if I've had a little too much caffeine whenever I talk shop (aka BOOKZ), so you girls help me vent my literature highs and lows!

    So, yes, Congratulations on having a fun, successful, engaging, aesthetically pleasing blog that keeps us all in the know of all things now! :):):):):):):)

    1. We have another (huge) bookshelf that is definitely filled with some random things lol. Thank you so much for your comment! It made my day. I would have responded sooner but we left for the mountains on Friday -- a place where internet goes in and out like crazy.

      And I love that you do most of your stuff on your bed. I'm the same way! The only thing I use my desk for is to put on makeup. So it's more like a vanity than anything lol.

  13. ¡Happy Blog-Birthday! I participate, thanks for the giveaway. ^^

    Kisses <3

  14. I love your Book shelves! they are so cute!

  15. Happy Blogiversary girls!! I love how you included screencaps for your past layouts. It's great to reflect on how your blog has changed/grown. I'm so glad I met you too! You've been a big part of my blogging experience. I also didn't think I'd ever meet anyone else who's as obsessed with CW shows as much as myself. They're by brand of heroin! LOL. I look forward to the next year(s) to come.

  16. Happy Blogoversary! I really enjoyed the post and love getting a peek at bookshelves ;) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  17. Happy Blogoversary!
    And thanks for this giveaway! ^U^