ARC Review: Poison by Bridget Zinn

by Bridget Zinn
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Release Date: March 12th, 2013
Source: Publisher

Sixteen-year-old Kyra, a highly-skilled potions master, is the only one who knows her kingdom is on the verge of destruction—which means she’s the only one who can save it. Faced with no other choice, Kyra decides to do what she does best: poison the kingdom’s future ruler, who also happens to be her former best friend.

But, for the first time ever, her poisoned dart . . . misses.

Now a fugitive instead of a hero, Kyra is caught in a game of hide-and-seek with the king’s army and her potioner ex-boyfriend, Hal. At least she’s not alone. She’s armed with her vital potions, a too-cute pig, and Fred, the charming adventurer she can’t stop thinking about. Kyra is determined to get herself a second chance (at murder), but will she be able to find and defeat the princess before Hal and the army find her?

Kyra is not your typical murderer, and she’s certainly no damsel-in-distress—she’s the lovable and quick-witted hero of this romantic novel that has all the right ingredients to make teen girls swoon.


Poison is one of those books that makes you smile and feel good after reading it. It's adorable, fun, and full of adventure! Kyra's not your average heroine. She's got spunk and lots of skill in the art of potions. She's like a sixteen-year-old girl-version of Snape but with more talent and way more sass.

The plot centers around Kyra searching for her best-friend that she aims to kill. She has two companions on this mission: a pig and Fred. The pig, Rosie, might be one of the most adorable fictional animals. She's not just any old pig either, she can track people. She's cute and useful! Kyra's a stubborn and very independent heorine so Fred isn't a love interest in the beggining (although it's clear he's pretty sexy). Kyra finds Fred to be more an obstacle than a romantic suitor at first. Sometimes I thought she could be kind of mean to him, but she's also known as the "Princess Killer" for her first unsuccessful attempt at killing her best friend, so it's clear being warm and fuzzy isn't in her character.

The world houses witches, goblins, grecks, and so forth. It reminded me a lot of the TV show Merlin on BBC (R.I.P), if Camelot had allowed magic into their lands. So in that sense it was pretty cool, and a great light fantasy that was quick to read. The humor in the book is quick-witted and adds to the refreshing tale. I think that anyone who loves Ella Enchanted would fall head over heals for Poison.

The ending serves up a multitude of twists. I thought that some came out of nowhere without any real hints, but I did enjoy the story as a whole. It's very cute, and makes me wish for a smart pig as a pet. Key word, smart. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys adventurous fantasies. 

A fantasy as cute and adorable as the pink little pig on the cover! For those who've fallen in love with Ella Enchanted, the adventure story in Poison is the perfect recipe for you. 

Inbetweener - 25


  1. oh my gosh, I loved Rosie as well but I never realized she was on the cover until now! <3 Great catch! haha This is an all around feel-good book and I love it to pieces. Great review, Krista!

  2. Alright. You just mentioned my favorite HP character, so that is enough to make me extremely excited (not that I wasn't excited before. This book sounds awesome) I can't wait to read it, because it sounds exactly like the kind of book I will love :D The pig sounds so adorable.


  3. This book sounds like something I'd really enjoy, but I loved Ella Enchanted. If I wasn't sold before, I definitely am now.

  4. I just LOVE what you said about the romance - that it's not obvious at first and that it's not just love/hate - it's just...different. That makes perfect sense to have a few of those kinds of romance out there...can't wait to read this one!! I'm QUITE looking forward to it!

    Sierra @ Yearning to Read

  5. I LOVED this book. It's one of my favorite fantasy/adventure stories out there, and I especially love how the romance is handled.

  6. Well, the cover initially sold itself. But now that I know it's got humor, adventure, twists at the end, and it has a PIG. What more could you ask for? I love reading books like this, where you feel happy and glad you read it. Makes all the bad stories worth while! :)

    Thanks for sharing, Krista!

  7. I'm so glad this one turned out to be as amazingly cute as I thought it'd be. I mean, how could it not with a little piggy as a companion?!! Cute cover, interesting concept and great review - I'm more sold than ever! I'm not sure if you knew, but this author passed away back in 2011. I think it's wonderful that her book got published, one last accomplishment and all.

    1. I actually found out that she passed away while I was reading it. It's so sad! But at the same time, I love that her book still made it to print. It is a great last accomplishment!