Books into TV: Delirium (Gregg Sulkin Cast as Julian)

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Now that the title character of Lena has been cast with Emma Roberts earning the role, it's time for even bigger news about the pilot for Delirium, which is being made by FOX! According to Deadline, Gregg Sulkin will play Julian! Continue reading for more details.

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Gregg Sulkin is no stranger to TV. He's played a huge role in Wizards of Waverly Place and a few guest spots on Pretty Little Liars and Melissa & Joey. He hails from England, which means he has a sexy accent. But we don't know if they'll make him use an American one on the show.

Sulkin will play Julien, the son of wealthy political leader Thomas Fineman (Campbell). While his father supports the use of the brain modification, Julien is conflicted about having to undergo a surgery to remove his feelings and eventually finds a kindred spirit in Lena. 

It goes without saying that he's pretty cute. I think he's an equally talented actor (major kudos for being on TV already) and so it might be a really smart choice. Of course this doesn't mean the show will 100% be made into a series. If the pilot doesn't preform well for the studio it will be scrapped before it ever sees the air. Lets hope this isn't the case!

Here's what Gregg Sulkin and author Lauren Oliver are saying about the news on twitter:


Like the casting choice? Did you picture a different Julian? Sound off below!


  1. Oh, he's adorable! I haven't read Pandemonium yet (aaah I know!), but once Requiem comes out, I'll start it. I'm just glad they are choosing actors that actually look the RIGHT age for these characters. The TV adaption can make it as dark as they want, but I'm not going to believe a 29 year old playing a 16 year old, sorry.

    But he does look super cute and they should have him use his accent because I'll bet that would boost the ratings alone. AMIRIGHT?

    Thanks for sharing the news, Krista! Any info yet on if Alex will be a character? Sallie <3'z Alex 24/7.

    1. I actually haven't read Delirium because I heard it's kind of slow and I have a hate relationship with slow books. So I've been putting it off. I do love the casting choice so far, and YES he needs to keep that hot accent!

      No news about Alex yet, but I will definitely keep everyone posted :)

  2. I was so confused when I first read about this casting. I'm like UM who is this guy??! I had JUST read the book. Haha! It seems like they're trying to insert some type of immediate love triangle. Now I really need to start reading Pandemonium to get the deets on this Julian guy. I think the actor they picked is pretty cute. I've seen him in a few Disney things.

  3. I think he is pretty cute and totally has the innocent, son of a rich big wig look. And I had never heard of him before, even though he has been around a little bit. I like when relatively unknowns get cast. Not entirely sure how much he'd be in the pilot, since he's not in the series until Pandemonium, but I am definitely excited! I hope the Alex casting is just as good!

  4. AH! He looks like he's going to be a pretty good Julian. I'm just REALLY excited to see who they cast as Alex - and I'm not really sure what role he'll play in the pilot, because he doesn't enter the series until book 2! BUT. I'm still excited. (:

  5. All I have to say: NO.

    I do NOT imagine Julian like that. :( Overall I'm disappointed in their choices so far. What a bummer! If they don't cast Alex right I'll get a little murderous. Haha ;)

    Sierra @ Yearning to Read

  6. I love the Delirium trilogy and I think this is a great choice! He totally has the look I pictured for Julian. I hope they do a good job with the pilot because I am really liking the casting so far.