Cover Love: Scarlette by Davonna Juroe

by Davonna Juroe
Publisher: BumbleB Media, Inc.
Release Date: October 12, 2012

What if Little Red Riding Hood was real? 

Ninety years before the Brothers Grimm penned their version of Little Red Riding Hood, a historic, gruesome series of events shocked all of Europe. In 1765, an unidentified wolf-like animal ferociously mauled dozens of peasants in the Gévaudan region of France. 

Whispered rumors of unnatural creatures blended with age-old superstition, causing mass hysteria, and a werewolf was blamed for the carnage. Alarmed, King Louis XV sent his best huntsmen to rid the province of the beastly scourge, but this legendary massacre had only just begun. 

Scarlette, an 18-year-old peasant, lives under this dark threat, knowing the nightmarish monster lurks in the surrounding forest. A poor seamstress, she labors to make ends meet and is skeptical of supernatural gossip. 

Until her grandmother survives an attack. 

Scarlette learns her grandmother is infected by the bite of the animal. Desperate to save her, Scarlette begins to uncover the dark secrets of her village and finds there are those who wish to keep their pasts hidden. As time grows short, Scarlette is befriended by a local nobleman and a woodcutter who share an eerie history with the wolf. To save her grandmother, Scarlette must unravel the mens' connection and solve a long-forgotten crime. But as she pieces together the clues, Scarlette finds herself torn between the two men, both of whom desire more than friendship and together hold the key to the cure. 

Based on both the traditional Grimm and Charles Perrault versions of Little Red Riding Hood, this dark YA is set against the Beast of Gévaudan attacks, blending history with fairy tale and gothic romance. Unique to the genre, the novel revives the French fable of the girl-in-the-red-cloak with a new, shockingly real existence that blurs the line between folklore and reality.

Why I Love It

I don't do cover love posts often, so when I do...I mean it. And Scarlette by Davonna Juroe is no exception. I discovered this book last year when I did an interview of the wonderful author. She's basically awesome. And recently the book has gotten a fabulous updated cover!

Now, for an indie/self-pub book Scarlette's cover ranks at the top. But honestly, even if this was published by HarperTeen it would be gorgeous and drool-worthy. One of my all-time favorites by far!

I'm so excited to dig into this beautiful book next month, and I hope that you fellow readers will appreciate it's beauty and maybe try it out for yourselves! Plus, who doesn't love Little Red Riding Hood?


Like the cover? Have you heard of Scarlette? Are you a fan of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale? Sound off below!


  1. I LOVE the cover for Scarlette!! I too had the pleasure of interving Davonna. I also read and it and it was Ah-Ma-Zing!! I am definitely a little red riding hood fan :) Hope you enjoy the book when u read it ^_^

  2. I snatched a free copy from Amazon when the author mailed me about it and I can't wait to read it. Fairytales <3

  3. I love this cover too. Looking forward to reading it real soon!

  4. Holy cow, this is a self published novel?! Sign me up, that cover is GORGEOUS! I'll bet it's fantastic, I love the premise. :):) I'm going to go google what the original cover looked like...

  5. Awww, thanks, girls! And thanks again, Krista, for featuring the new cover! Can't wait for you to read the book. :D

  6. Not that self-pubs are any less, but that's seriously one hell of a cover. I could easily have seen a biggie like HarperTeen or Simon and Schuster publishing a novel with this cover. Thanks for sharing :)