Favorite YA Couples

In spirit of Valentine's day on Thursday, we decided to mention our favorite YA couples that have stolen our hearts and our sanity. These characters are the reason why we love the novel with such insane passion, and they're pretty much the reason why we must have the next. Share your favorites in the comments!

I like old school couples, partly because my favorite reads nowadays are dominated first and foremost by amazing worlds. The couple seems to always take a backburner. But once in a blue moon, I'll find a book with a romance that dominates and surpasses the world created.

5. Anna and √Čtienne St. Clair - Anna and the French Kiss

Even despite his height and her skunk streak, the pair are more than insta-love. They're -- dare I say it -- meant to be. The theater scene where the tension escalates, so much that you have trouble watching the film, defines a movie date and sexual chemistry at its peak.

4. Rose and Dimitri - Vampire Academy  series

He's a Russian badass. He trains her in hand-to-hand combat that turns from platonic to something awkward (because we all know it's so wrong that it needs to be right). Luckily, this sexy duo will be hitting the big screen with perfect casting.

3. Meghan and Ash - The Iron Fey  series

 The fantastical book has an ice prince drawn to the half-fey princess, and its his paradoxical cold but warm demeanor and their mutual attraction that makes this series worth reading time and time again.

2. Katsa and Po - Graceling

Yes, the world happens to be overwhelmingly original and strong, but I find that the greatest part of the book -- for me anyway -- is the organic romance between Po and Katsa, despite his horrible name.

1. Claire and Shane - The Morganville Vampire  series

Granted, I'm only on book seven (there are so many!). The reason I keep coming back for more is, without a doubt, Shane and Claire. As I read, I constantly mutter, "This is the freakin' best YA couple." And I haven't found one to contest it. The moments between them are so cute, it's blinding.

Unlike Becca, I haven't read many of the "older" series, so my favorite couples tend to be of the "newer" variety. But they're still equally awesome. I actually agree with Becca on one of the favorite couples...ahem can we say √Čtienne St. Clair. But other than that I definitely have a different taste for my super power couples in YA.

5. Mackenzie and Jason/Kyle - Hemlock  series

Okay, I know what your thinking. What the hell is up with the Jason/Kyle thing? You have to choose a team, Krista! No, I don't. That's the beauty of fantastic love triangles. When the author gets it right, I literally can't choose. Because I love them both with Mackenzie way too much. So this is three-way-couple people!

4. Ember and Chase - Article 5 series

Broken, heartbreaking couples are sometimes the ones I root for the most. This is why Ember and Chase just work. They're meant to be even in such a terrible post-apocalyptic world. One of the best dystopian love stories in my opinion.

3. Jacqueline and Lucas - Easy

This may technically be New Adult, but they're still a power couple to the greatest extent. One of the hottest romances, filled to the brim with emotional baggage. It's a tough call between Echo and Noah from Pushing the Limits and the couple from Easy but I definitely think that Jacqueline and Lucas are the contemporary-broken/damaged couple to beat.

2. Anna and Kaidan Rowe - Sweet Evil  series

No list is complete without Sweet Evil. Honestly, this is one of the best couples in YA. They polarize each other in innocence and experience. And as the son of Lust, Kai is too hot to contend with.

1. Anna and √Čtienne St. Clair - Anna and the French Kiss

Becca may have knocked this one down to 5 on her list, but this book can't be beaten. The romance is beyond hot, cute, everything-I'd-ever-want-in-a-contemporary. St. Clair is the sexiest British boy in YA, and Anna gets swept off her feet in the city of Love. Please, there is not contest. St. Clair for the win!

Who's your favorite power couples in YA? Do you agree with our lists? Are we missing someone? Sound off below!


  1. Oh, Becca. I LOVED Katsa and Po in Graceling. Cashore wrote it so well and full of tons of feels and anything I see anything to do with that series, I think about howI want to fall in love with someone like Katsa did with Po. I know most romance in novels isn't realistic, but the essence of Katsa and Po, the struggles they overcame, personally and together, will make me sigh for years to come.

    And Krista, I agree with your choice for the characters in Easy. I have yet to read it, but I've read a fair share of reviews and just knowing they face a lot of obstacles, some of which are smexy!, makes me want to read it even more.

    I think you guys should do an Anti-Valentines day post about Top 5 LEASE Favorite couples for those of us out here who don't have a Daemon Black of our own right now! haha

    1. Wow, I guess I was emotional when I wrote this. I see two typos in the first line! Ack.

      "and any time I see anything to do with"
      "I think about how I want"
      "Top 5 LEAST Favorite"
      "for those of us out there"

      Annnndd I'm done. haha

    2. We love your idea about the Least Favorite Couples! So it's coming, just you wait :)

  2. Ooo, Anna and the French Kiss is on both of your lists! I need to read this one soon! And I love Katsa and Po, breaks my heart every time I think of what Po went through, but I love these two too!
    Great list! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I do love Rose & Dimitri, but Adrian is just my tipe! I love him & Sydney together, how different they are & yet...

    & Will & Tessa's love in TID, their desperation by the end of Clockwork Prince made me go insane.

    1. I need to read Bloodlines! It's on my shelf. I just haven't gotten to it yet. I've started TID in audiobook. It's good so far :)

  4. So many of these I love! Anna and St. Clair, definitely! And while we are at it, I loved Cricket and Lola too. Katsa and Po are among my favorites too. And Chase is love! A few of these I still need to read. :)

    1. Yes! I adore Cricket and Lola. I actually like that book better, but I think as couples go St. Clair and Anna just win out by a hair.

  5. ANNA AND ST. CLAIR. AH. I may talk about them just a lot (and it may be annoying), but I just love them so much.

  6. Eeeek!!! Wohoo, Becca! Dimitri and Rose, yay! "because we all know it's so wrong that it needs to be right" LOL!! I loved Christian and Lissa almost the same from VA. I love Adrian Ivashkov probably the most out of all VA/Bloodlines characters and even though I don't ship him with Rose (more with myself, LOL), then, as of right now, I'm not so on board with Sydney. I'm still getting used to changing the narrators and Sydney doesn't live up to Rose.. I like her, though and I'm sure she'll grow on me with the rest of the series:) Right now I'm rooting for Jill and Eddie the most out of the potential couples in Bloodlines. Ash and Meghan are one of my favorites as well! Love 'em!!!

    Krista, you picked Lucas and Kai and their lovely ladies, wohoooo!! Lucas is so mature and broken and where do we even start with Kaidan *sigh*. He is just perfection! ;)

    Love this list, ladies! I hope you do one with the worst ones and then we can see if we have common tastes in that one as well. Have a lovely day!!!

    Siiri @ Little Pieces of Imagination

  7. OMG. YES FOR MEGHAN AND ASH. Best. Couple. Ever. I love them! And Anna and Etiene of course. ;D

  8. Rose and Dimitri – no list is complete without those two!

    YES YES YES TO Claire and Shane. Those too are so cute together! Sometimes I like to go back to the first couple books where they slowly started gravitating towards each other.

    Anna and Kaidan: hells yes! They definitely balance each other out.

    I love that you included the Mac/Jason/Kyle love-fest. I’m having trouble choosing too! Both guys are sweet yet flawed.